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Does theosophy impugn NASA's moon landing in 1969?

Jan 02, 2008 11:11 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

1. "Walking [on the moon] was quite easy!"
- Buzz Aldrin, interview by Aron Ranen: "Did We Go?"

2. "What we see when we look up into the starry spaces is the astral body, 
the kama-rupa of the physical moon that was, aeons and aeons ago, which 
physical body is now disintegrated into impalpable cosmic dust. We perceive 
this kama-rupic phantom, because our physical earth is one subplane higher 
than that on which the physical body of the moon was. Were our scientists by 
some magic to be transported to the moon, even though they would be able to 
see it almost as clearly as they see our earth, I do not believe they would 
find it easy to walk about on its surface, for it is not quite hard enough 
for easy walking."

- Gottfried de Purucker in an E.S. lecture in the Temple of Peace at Point 
Loma around 1927. According to his chela W. Emmett Small printed first after 
the stenographic report in question- and answer-form, then in July 1936 as 
12-part "Esoteric Instructions", republished as 12-part "Esoteric 
Teachings", see: and again in 
1976 new edited as "Fountain-Source of Occultism", see:

Compare also two diagrams of Helena Blavatsky in her "The Secret Doctrine" 
about the "Planetary Division" and "The Earth Chain":

Diagram 1 in [[Vol. 1, Page]] 153:

Diagram II in [[Vol. 1, Page]] 172:



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