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Re: 7-years test for discipleship

Dec 31, 2007 01:47 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, "Richard Semock" <semockr@...> 

> Its well known that HPB was a chain smoker and addicted to
> nicotine and possibly hash.

I've read somewhere that she always said: do what I say but nit what I 
Leadbeater once asked Blavatsky why she smokes and she, according to 
him, replied that it's for keeping her bodies in cohesion, as nicotine 
hardens human constitution. (That's why smokers are often 
materialists). There is a version that she was actually killed in 
Italy in 1860's, but as she was needed for mahatmas and they work, 
they supported her life by some artificial means, and smoking was one 
among them.

> Its hard to see why she was chosen to be the messenger 
> of theosophy even after a 7yr stint as a strictly disciplined chela.

I've read somewhere (it seems that it was a book of some Indian 
author) that if some Indian, especially of brahman caste, was used for 
that mission, and performed the same miracles as Blavatsky did, he 
would be simply worshiped and it would cause only harm instead of 
good. It was said in 19th century and now we see that it is true on 
example of Sai Baba, and earlier even with Krishnamurti who was 
worshiped, in spite of he didn't perform any significant miracles.

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