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Re: 7-years test for discipleship

Dec 31, 2007 01:00 AM
by Marko Manninen

There is a good collection of quotes on chelaship:

"To accept any man as a chela does not depend on my [the Mahatma's] personal will. It can 
be only the result of one's personal merits and exertions in that direction. Force any one of 
the 'Masters' you may happen to choose; do good works in his name and for the love of 
mankind; be pure and resolute in the path of righteousness (as laid out in our rules); be 
honest and unselfish; forget your Self but to remember the good of other people - and 
you will have forced that 'Master' to accept you."

"Be pure, virtuous, and lead a holy life and you will be protected. But remember, he who is 
not as pure as a young child better leave chelaship alone"

"The option of receiving him or not as a regular chela - remains with the Chohan. M. has 
simply to have him tested, tempted and examined by all and means, so as to have his real 
nature drawn out. This is a rule with us as inexorable as it is disgusting in your Western 
sight, and I could not prevent it even if I would. It is not enough to know thoroughly what 
the chela is capable of doing or not doing at the time and under the circumstances during 
the period of probation. We have to know of what he may become capable under different 
and kind of opportunities. Our precautions are all taken. ... In the meanwhile, I have an 
advice to offer. Watch and do not say a word. He was, is, and will be tempted to do all 
manner of wrong things"

Also A.B. has a book conserning:

Of course its very baffling to find H.P.B and Olcott to smoke, or drink or eat meat. Perhaps 
they had their spiritual earnings that went over physical earnings. Its very hard to examine 
and appraise being as a whole. 

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