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Re: Theos-World Re: Gorsleben edition available

Dec 30, 2007 06:53 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Hi Christina,
as you speak German you should prefer the German pdf edition.

It is a goldmine of information from a theosophical point of view.

Katherine Tingley was much interested in the German language, esp. in Old High German.
When she launched her Theosophcial University in 1919 at Point Loma, lectures about the German language as a key to historical and race problems were held from the beginning.
Point Loma lecturer Kenneth Morris was of the opinion, that the Western Aryans or Germanics were the young race, which flet from the black magicians out of Atlantis.

Kenneth Morris im Raja-Yoga-College in Point Loma 1918-1919, "The crest-wave of evolution", z.B. The Theosophical Path October 1919, S. 330:

"...[T]he Teutons ... were the first to leave Virginia: paddled their own canoes off to far-away Deutschland before ever the mild Hindoo set out for Hindustan, the Greek for Greece, or the Anglo-Saxon for Anglo-Saxony."

Point Loma chela P. A. Malpas, "The Use We Give To Words", The Theosophical Forum, June 1940, S. 425: 

"Only - is it not strange that all these key-words of the gospels and the New Testament should be very wide of their mystical meaning when translated into "Saxon"?"

Tingley appealed several times to the Theosophical Movement to include German as an important key.
Seems her appeals were overheard.
With the material descend of Germany in 1945 interestingly also Tibet and the Theosophical Movement descended. Why?

Tingley claim of a German or Germanic key should be compared with the most interesting research of Dr. Christian Lindtner on the buddhist origin of the New Testament.
keep in mind that HPB in the Secret Doctrine says, that Odin (Wotan) is one of the 35 primordial Buddhas and that old German tradtion says, that the Gautama Buddha was a Saxon, therefore one of his epithets is "Sakya Muni", which is pure German for Saxon munk.

Tingley was also much interested in solving the Jewish problem. After reading teh daily news I think there is not much progress in that direction since then.
Perhaps Dzyan has the answer??


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The perfect square.As you see three satvika's in it, which made it 
and also the runes to be find in it and the X and Y chromosomes.

Thank you for the link, maybe I can find something new

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> The german classic rune work Hoch-Zeit der Menschheit (Loftily time 
of Humanity) by Gorsleben is now available in an English edition.
> You can dowload the 33 Megabyte pdf file for free at:
> Blavatsky students may have a special interest in it because of 
Gorleben's interesting definition of Dzyan.
> Gorsleben as one agent of the patriotic volkisch movement, which 
tried to overcome the century long Jesuit lethal conspiracy against 
the German Reich, seems to have influenced the mystic branch of the 
SS, which underwent world wide research for ancient artefacts, and 
the Ahnenerbe.
> Frank
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