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None of my letters should be published-Anand Gholap

Dec 28, 2007 01:57 AM
by Anand

I find that people take ordinary letters of Masters and any prominent
personality too seriously. People think that every written word of
great personalities is true and right and that should be followed.
When I observed my own letters and e-mails sent to individuals, I find
that I wrote them hastily due to lack of time, there were many
inaccuracies. And many times writing was influenced by emotions. Many
times writing was inspired just by humor which is so prominent in me.
 Many times accuracy was not necessary in that context and I wrote
just that was enough to guide in those circumstances. Because of these
and many other reasons, I want to tell all that none of my letters and
e-mails sent to individuals should be published. If I think something
needs to be published, I will publish it through right channels like
my own printed book or my web site.
Some sentences in Mahatma Letters created lot of misunderstanding and
conflicts. And we can't hold Masters responsible for that because
Masters had prohibited publication of Their letters. Despite such
instructions people published those letters to their own detriment.
I find that some people have very high opinion about me. And they in
their enthusiasm might publish my casual words. In order to avoid
future confusion and misunderstanding, I want to tell all that none of
the letters or e-mails written by me should be published. 
When I publish something I expect very high level of accuracy and if
something is necessary, I will take that much care and I will publish
it myself through right channels like book or my web site.
Your Friend in Christ.
Anand Gholap

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