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Dec 18, 2007 08:01 AM
by stillpointed

In creating and meditating on "PEACEMAKER" I felt a powerful 
Connection to the ALL.  Perhaps it will work for you.  Ed

Leon: Perhaps, this is the secret that none of the adept magicians,
like Apollonius, didn't want to reveal to other magicians -- but that
HPB tried to teach us how to find out for ourselves.... So that we
could spread broadcast it, along with the right motives, to enough
people -- so as to begin to act together to change the present world
reality toward a more benign and beneficent condition.
Unfortunately, the powers of evil (military industrial complex) that
govern the present world, know all about those means to control minds
through the mass media, religion, entertainment distraction, etc.
So, all we can really do is continue to heal ourselves and whichever
others we can reach, and wait until there are enough of us together
to begin putting our minds in alignment with the proper
visualizations to start changing the world.

I'm not too confident that will happen, though, before nature
responds to our pollution (ecologically, military weaponry, over
populationally, etc.;-) and the whole house of cards comes tumbling
down... And some new theosophically minded leaders spring up out of
the remnants of world population groups to wake everybody up.

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