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Delphis Re: Al Gore's speech

Dec 12, 2007 01:17 PM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, "adelasie" <adelasie@...> wrote:

> Konstantin, I wonder if you are familiar with Delphis Foundation in 
> Moscow? The Delphis Journal publishes very interesting articles on 
> these themes and you might like to read them if you do not already. 
> If you are interested, I could give you contact information. 

I know them and read it sometimes; there are some interesting articles 
but much rubbish too. Several years ago I proposed to print my 
translation of "Prof. Mendeleyeff conception of the Ether" by Sinnett 
in their magazine, first they agreed but later refused without 
explaining reasons.
Many of them are followers of "People's temple", a ritualistic order 
which believes that they are in contact with Masters. The center in 
Halcion, CA, receives messages regularly, but they seem to me having 
no much sense. In my opinion it's a mere spiritualistic communication 
and not very interesting.

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