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Re: Theos-World Re: Al Gore's speech

Dec 12, 2007 12:17 PM
by adelasie

Hi Anton,

If history is any indication, we will finally begin to develop real 
understanding when we are put to the test, when conditions change and 
our old familiar comfortable life style disappears and we have to 
struggle to survive. 

> Again, yes, but it seems to me that the pattern in which we are 
> seeking the way out is an old one - the scapegoating. We have defined 
> the enemy and now we are throwing all the blame on it, while we 
> aren't becoming more human in our mutual relations at all. So, our 
> real problem is not the change of climate or any other outside thing 
> but our inhumanity. And we, students of theosophy, can do much to 
> cure this disease if we will strive to improve our interrelations and 
> will find the common ground of brotherhood. 

To me this is the most important message. It isn't for nothing that 
theosophy was brought to the consciousness of humanity (again) in 
this cycle. We have the honor and the responsibility to make it live 
in our daily thoughts, words and deeds, to literally spread the truth 
by being reflections of it. It will resonate in every human heart, 
since there dwells the spark of divinity that will answer to the 
call. Then, when the chips are down and disaster looms, the heart can 
remind the mind of the central issue in all struggle, the unity of 
all life, the necessity for compassion and service. That way lies 



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