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Theos-World Re: Al Gore's speech

Dec 12, 2007 07:41 AM
by Anton Rozman

Hi Adelasie,

>it is humanity's inhumanity toward all other life forms that causes 
such things as volcanoes, floods, earthquakes, and other cataclysms.<

Yes, most probably, although it seems that the issue is very complex 
indeed. And I would put humanity's inhumanity toward humanity in 
first place.

>Maybe we are just taking a collective step toward realizing our 
responsibility for the viability of our habitat through recognizing 
that it may be possible, at least on the material level, that what we 
do affect everyone and everything.<

Again, yes, but it seems to me that the pattern in which we are 
seeking the way out is an old one - the scapegoating. We have defined 
the enemy and now we are throwing all the blame on it, while we 
aren't becoming more human in our mutual relations at all. So, our 
real problem is not the change of climate or any other outside thing 
but our inhumanity. And we, students of theosophy, can do much to 
cure this disease if we will strive to improve our interrelations and 
will find the common ground of brotherhood. 

Warmest regards,

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