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Theos-World Re: Al Gore's speech

Dec 11, 2007 09:34 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, "adelasie" wrote:

> Would you please tell more about your institute and what you study 
> and where you are?

Our institute was initially a department of Earth Physics Institute. 
In 1991 it became a separate institute. In previous years it was 
occupied largely with nuclear tests and their influence, also with 
international control over the tests.
Later the area widened to atmospheric electricity, microfine particles 
in atmosphere, etc. Processes in Earth crust are also studied.
The institute is located in Moscow.

Unfortunately I didn't find any English pages on the site of the 
institute , yet they are on the personal site 
of one of the researchers:

I haven't researches of my own and am rather a technical worker 
participating in different researches.

> Are you saying that according to your scientific work, you
> conclude that Global Warming is not happening? Or are you 
> saying it is not a threat to the environment? Could you tell us why?

It is apparently happening, at least in the last years in Moscow, but 
we don't know the real causes. Also it may be local. There is still no 
proofs that it is due human activity, as volcanoes and mires emit many 
times more gases than all our industry. Another point is that, as some 
researchers say, temperature on Mars undergoes the same dynamics as on 
Earth, which lead us to conclusion that it's some extra-terrestial 
factor, presumably the Sun activity, is influencing several planets at 

>From the other side, dust from volcanoes (and also technical dust) can 
lower the temperature significantly, as it was at Krakatoa eruption in 
1880's and Tambora in 1815 when most of Europe and North America 
experienced the famine (1816).

Secondly, we don't know whether global warming is treat to 
environment. Some say that it leads to the widening of the deserts, 
but this process is taking place for many thousands years already. 
Several thousands years ago Sahara, Mongolia ans Saudy Arabia were 
flourishing places. Nevertheless there were very cold periods in 
Middle Ages and probably earlier. From the other side, the Carbonic 
period was very warm, and in the same time very wet too.

The sea ice which will melt will not change the sea level what is 
evident according the Archimed low, only the continental ice matters. 
Yet we should not forget that at warming much water will be 
transformed into the vapour. Moreover, that vapour may condense on the 
mountain hights and feed the rivers. It is obvious that the less ice, 
the more water is working in the system.

To conclude I would emphasize that we don't know anything for sure, so 
too hasty efforts, for example, as spreading dust in the atmosphere 
for cooling, or boosting the atomic energy, can do much harm.
The only good result of this warming campaign is that more people are 
paying attention to enviromental problems than before and learn to be 
less egoistic, so there is some good factor for the human evolution.

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