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Re: Theos-World Historians and english teaching fakers

Dec 11, 2007 01:12 AM
by krishtar

Hi... jsut a short nome about a parallel story.
It is said that the church developed a secret way of rapidly teaching new 
languages to their "mormon soldiers".
Is that true?
Here in Brazil there is a former american discident member that founded an 
English school center using the same speed-methods that the CDDS did to 
teach the new idioms for the "elders".
This man, with a true or fake surname Wizard started to promote his english 
course here telling out and loud that he used the Utah mormon technique to 
acceletrate the learning. The church soon set attorneys to prevent the " 
misuse of the sacred CDDS´s name in vain "
It´s said that during 2 months the student in the mormon headquarters stays 
under intensive trainment to give him a survivor´s knowledge of the new 
language in order to begin the works in the new country.
Wizard came to Brazil and founded dozens of schools...but soon he was also 
It´s a pitty that a certificate from these schools or their clones do not 
serve for anything other than take money from the students.


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  There is a nice article about the issues surrounding historians who have
  tried to research Mormons. Membership in CLDS is growing rapidly and many
  are very successful in the business world. The article makes interesting
  reading. This is typically a case where historians are really challenged.


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