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Theos-World Re: BE STILL and KNOW PEACE

Dec 10, 2007 07:12 PM
by stillpointed

Unfortunately there was no viable continuity to Gandhi's Mission. 

> My thinking is that Ghandi was the way of the advanced soul.  His 
mission therefore served as an example of what is possible through 
non-violence.  Once Ghandi passed the violence between India and 
Pakistan continued, suggesting that those souls were not at the 
level required to reach a compassionate understanding for each other.
> Cass
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> Corrections. Also, I forgot to include Paul's message. 
> I wonder how Gandhi's legacy would have been different emphasizing 
> being still and knowing peace. By himself I doubt whether it would 
> have made much difference. In any case, India today is not an 
> example of a healthy nation, what with its nuclear weapons, ethnic 
> strife, and massive poverty. But if all his followers and 
> admirers around the world had joined in a massive and simultaneous 
> consciousness of knowing peace, who knows what the outcome would 
> have been. One could hardly call this inaction. The stress 
> reduction for personal health alone might have been worth it. 
> Ed
> Paul wrote:
> Interesting Ed, I think I understand what you are saying, though 
> question that comes to the forefront of my mind is this~ with your 
> thinking about the balance in mind, would you then say that Ghandi 
> would have been better off being still and knowing? I guess I am 
> asking where is that line? when is the moment when non action 
> becomes action? or are you saying that all action is a futile 
> and that through out all time to align the world our time is 
> served in meditation than in action? Just not sure what you are 
> meaning, thanks for the thread...and the clarity. 
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