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What are the four noble truths and the 12 nidana's ???

Dec 04, 2007 04:29 AM
by christinaleestemaker

If it is objected that we too have temples, we too have priests and 
that our lamas also live on charity . . . let them know that the 
objects above named have in common with their Western equivalents, 
but the name. Thus in our temples there is neither a god nor gods 
worshipped, only the thrice sacred memory of the greatest as the 
holiest man that ever lived. If our lamas to honour the fraternity of 
the Bhikkhus established by our blessed master himself, go out to be 
fed by the laity, the latter often to the number of 5 to 25,000 is 
fed and taken care of by the Samgha (the fraternity of lamaic monks) 
the lamassery providing for the wants of the poor, the sick, the 
afflicted. Our lamas accept food, never money, and it is in those 
temples that the origin of evil is preached and impressed upon the 
people. There they are taught the four noble truths - ariya sakka, 
and the chain of causation, (the 12 nid[ci]anas) gives them a 
solution of the problem of the origin and destruction of suffering.

>From Mahatma letters, letter nr 10.


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