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Re: BE STILL and KNOW PEACE corrections

Dec 03, 2007 09:21 AM
by stillpointed

Corrections.  Also, I forgot to include Paul's message. 

I wonder how Gandhi's legacy would have been different emphasizing 
being still and knowing peace.  By himself I doubt whether it would 
have made much difference.  In any case, India today is not an 
example of a healthy nation, what with its nuclear weapons, ethnic 
strife, and massive poverty.    But if all his followers and 
admirers around the world had joined in a massive and simultaneous 
consciousness of knowing peace, who knows what the outcome would 
have been.  One could hardly call this inaction.  The stress 
reduction for personal health alone might have been worth it.  


Paul wrote:

Interesting Ed, I think I understand what you are saying, though the 
question that comes to the forefront of my mind is this~ with your 
thinking about the balance in mind, would you then say that Ghandi 
would have been better off being still and knowing? I guess I am 
asking where is that line? when is the moment when non action 
becomes action? or are you saying that all action is a futile effort 
and that through out all time to align the world our time is better 
served in meditation than in action? Just not sure what you are 
meaning, thanks for the thread...and the clarity. 

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