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"DEATH AND IMMORTALITY" (an article from THEOSOPHY magazine)

Dec 02, 2007 09:36 AM
by John Desantis


Before presenting the article that I'm pointing to, please know that this is my first posting here since Reed Carson, the owner of the bn-study forum, and the web site, decided to take over my web site (a few days ago). I am so grateful that he is doing it. Of course it will take him a while to do all of the technical stuff to make the changeover once the official transfer of the URL from me to him is completed. This is also why I am now using this new e-mail address, since my e-mail address will soon be done away with by me. I have wanted a very dedicated fellow theosophist to take over the site for a couple of years now. Why? Because I want to spend the remainder of my life trying to get my economic vision for humanity going. I haven't added a new article to it for over three years now. Hopefully Reed will find someone to continue the process. OK, now on to the"DEATH AND IMMORTALITY" article from!
  THEOSOPHY magazine:


This article may prove to be very informative
to both newcomers to Theosophy, as well as to
long time students, and may help in some of
the discussions. This is the link directly to it:
...which is the 60th article of the 166 that
are in the free "Setting the Stage" introductory
book in this link to its index page -- just scroll
down the page to get to it:

These are the 3 Index pages on the
web site -- which at this point in time contains
1,488 articles from THEOSOPHY magazine:

And this is the link to what I very personally
project for all of humanity -- one that I have
envisioned myself for almost 28 years and
am trying hard to get going:

John DeSantis

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