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Fwd: [Mind and Brain] energy/time and thought (was - Surfer dude stuns physicists with theory of everything)

Nov 25, 2007 11:33 PM
by Leon Maurer

I thought this follow up of my previous forwarded post under this  
topic heading might be of interest.

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Leon Maurer <>
> Date: November 26, 2007 12:10:13 AM EST
> To:
> Subject: Re: [Mind and Brain] energy/time and thought (was - Surfer  
> dude stuns physicists with theory of everything)
> On Nov 25, 2007, at 11/25/076:07 AM, Chris Lofting wrote:
>> Leon, note that the IDM research has come up with material from
>> chronodynamics (biological clocks, rhythms and so bit rates in  
>> information
>> gathering etc etc) showing the differentiating realm covers  
>> dynamics of
>> covalent chemical bonding/unbonding as we process information in high
>> precision and so the increase in energy/temperature in  
>> differentiating and
>> with THAT the experience of subjective time distortions where the  
>> higher the
>> energy the slower time seems to flow. (which is common in  
>> Relativity but is
>> in fact a property experienceable by us at the level of the  
>> everyday through
>> small variations in metabolic rates)
> LM: Well noted.  However, I would think that the practical reason  
> for the time dependency of experience on temperature, is because  
> the magnetic information fields in the brain, that carry the  
> sensory information of consciousness as wave interference patterns  
> on their surfaces, may expand as temperature increases...  And  
> thereby, the combined field's *carrier* frequency wave forms  
> stretch -- making the modulated sensory image pattern vibrations  
> carried by them slow down accordingly (i.e., due to their increased  
> wave lengths).  This is a simple electrodynamic effect that has  
> been observed -- since we know that lowering of temperature causes  
> energy fields to contract and their frequency/energy to increase  
> until they eventually change phase, and jump from asymmetry to  
> symmetry.  In quantum physics, this is how they explain BECs (Bose- 
> Einstein Condensates) are formed.
>> This brings out a reciprocal relationship of energy/time manifest  
>> in the
>> experience of consciousness and so the connection of consciousness  
>> with
>> biochemistry or more so a dependency on a support structure to  
>> function
>> where that support is in the basic dynamics of the neurology.
> LM: Referring to perceptive time slowing with respect to  
> temperature rise (as noted by the mental lethargy and slow thinking  
> on extremely hot days)... This does not have much to do with the  
> chemistry of the neurology itself... But mainly with the brain's  
> energy fields that carry the information of consciousness --  
> *after* processing of the sensory information by the neurology...   
> When a rise in temperature causes the information flow, detected by  
> consciousness, to slow down.  Thus, everyone knows how time drags  
> when it's too hot to trot. :-)
> This is consistent with the frequency phase variations of the  
> higher order ZPE fields -- (that resonantly transfer and transmit  
> that sensory information to be detected and experienced by  
> perceptive awareness) -- as those fractally involved fields get  
> closer in to the zero-point of consciousness (that is outside of  
> metric space) at absolute zero**.  Therefore, the fractal field  
> closest to that point would have a carrier frequency/energy close  
> to infinite and a temperature near zero... Although, the modulated  
> sensory signals detected by consciousness would have the same wave  
> lengths as those carried in real time on the original magnetic  
> field of the brain.  Thus, the perception would be perceived in the  
> same apparent slowed down real time as the sensory information  
> carried by the temperature dependent brain field.
> (** Anyone trying to argue that absolute zero °Kelvin can't exist  
> in space  -- only applies to configuration or metric space -- which  
> is "outside" the Planck ZPE phase states as well as the zero-point  
> timeless state of absolute SPACE.)
>> If we then move to the abstract realm of Mathematics and in  
>> particular the
>> fundamental theorem of Calculus we find that the categories of the  
>> methods
>> of differentiating and integrating reflect a reciprocal  
>> relationship. IOW
>> this appears as a property associated with brain dynamics as it
>> differentiates/integrates and the presence of such in all  
>> specialisations
>> and that includes the metaphor of Mathematics.
> LM: Contradictorily -- (based on my own personal experience,  
> intuition, and reason) -- I can't buy the idea that the brain  
> "differentiates/integrates" (i.e., thinks) --  without an  
> independent, willfully aware, subjective, self reflective,  
> observing consciousness, that is outside of the brain's neurology.
>> We can extend this consideration to where the differential  
>> relation in
>> Calculus has its roots in the dynamics of the tangent/circle where  
>> such is
>> sourced in the reciprocal relationship of differentiating/ 
>> integrating in
>> general (the neurological realm). (there is also association here  
>> with
>> differentiating, fragmenting, many parts, infinity of parts etc  
>> etc etc)
> LM:  The "dynamics of the tangent/circle" as well as the  
> "fragmenting of parts, infinity of parts etc etc etc" -- can only  
> be sourced in the fundamental fractally involved nature of ALL zero- 
> point-originated radiant fields -- starting with the initial  
> fractal involved fields of cosmogenesis.  See the illustrations  
> below to comprehend how the tangency and center points of all  
> fractally involved fields originate and correlate, and why they are  
> the foundation of differentiation and integration by consciousness,  
> in conjunction with the neural processing of afferent sensory and  
> efferent intentional information.  Thus, simplicity at the  
> beginning is the root of all complexity at the end.
>> The asymmetric dichotomy of energy/time brings out the isomorphism  
>> with the
>> dichotomy of NOW/PAST-FUTURE in that positive feedback  
>> (discretisation,
>> amplification) of some particular on the past-future timeline (and so
>> integrated realm) applies energy in the form of the attention  
>> system to
>> zoom-in on some point as 'now' and distort such to bring it to the
>> foreground for analysis - as the background 'keeps going'.
>> The discretisation of time allows for mechanistic perspectives but  
>> the high
>> energy involved in such can make time appear as if slowable (RT),  
>> stoppable,
>> or even reversible. This marginalisation of time moves us from the
>> thermodynamic realm to the mechanistic, and so the organic to the
>> mechanistic, the holistic to the partial, the dynamic to the  
>> static, the
>> relationships (all is movement) to the object (thingness).
> LM: All that is perfectly reasonable from a top down explanation of  
> meanings -- but it is totally over complicated and basically  
> irrational from a mechanistic perspective, and certainly does not  
> explain the causal nature of consciousness, the experience of  
> consciousness, or the binding of mind to brain, or how  
> consciousness detects and interprets the meaning of its  
> experience... The reason for these explanatory gaps is that IDM is  
> based on a false presumption that (to paraphrase your IDM  
> introduction) "our brain at birth contains gene-based behavioral  
> patterns to particular elements in the environment"
> As far as science has determined, the genes only contain  
> information related to the construction and manufacture of  
> proteins. There is no evidence that it contains any information  
> related to instinctual or archetypal memories, or that it even has  
> any information regarding the positioning of the various proteins  
> in their proper place in the overall 3-dimensional form of the body  
> or brain.
> How that is done can be explained mechanistically and  
> electrodynamically through the coenergetic interrelationships of  
> the cosmogenetic-derived analogous fields of consciousness  
> originating in the ubiquitous ZPE source in the Planck vacuum --  
> that are entangled with the individual zero-point center of  
> origination of the overall individual hyperspace body field, and  
> all its fractal involutions.  How that interrelates holographically  
> with the DNA, through its similarly entangled zero-point spinergy  
> at its analogous fractal field centers of origination and polar  
> tangency's, is self evident.  Obviously, the archetypal form of the  
> human body is replicated electrodynamically in the closest higher  
> order hyperspace fields  -- adjacent to the physical fields -- that  
> magnetically guide the placement of particular proteins in their  
> respective positions in the 3-dimensional body model.  This is the  
> field that Eastern philosophical science identifies as, the "Astral  
> body."  Consequently, there's no need to encode that body model in  
> the DNA chemistry.
> Therefore, none of your denials based on IDM -- (pertaining to the  
> validity of the ABC theory of cosmogenesis explaining the  
> holographic nature of the universe with all structural and  
> experiential memories carried by the ubiquitous ZPE fields of  
> consciousness in the Planck vacuum) -- are meaningful.
> See below how the basis of the chaos game and all the laws of  
> nature and fractal geometry that IDM is based on, came about...  
> Starting from the "emptiness" (of form) yet inherently conscious  
> zero-point "spinergy" (infinite angular spin momentum) of absolute  
> SPACE (and its cosmic "singularity") at the moment of the big bang,  
> its subsequent emanation, radiation and fractal involution, until  
> the breaking of symmetry at the third fractal iteration... When  
> physical/material evolution began with the formation of fundamental  
> particles... And continued until sentient beings evolve and the  
> human brain became the malleable sensory image processing interface  
> between nonlocal perceptive/creative consciousness and the  
> receptive/transformative mind/memory fields, brain/neurology  
> fields, neuromuscular system, endocrine system, sense organs, body  
> organs, cells, etc., etc. -- (as individual, although  
> interconnected and interdependent, entities in themselves)...  See  
> the illustrations below that describe it all in simple geometric  
> and topological graphical terms, and appended notes.
> chakrafield.html
> It's perfectly obvious, then, that the ABC model is the fundamental  
> basis of IDM -- which can only explain the meaning of things  
> *after* the facts of cosmogenesis and the involution and evolution  
> of the universe (Not the other way around).  IDM can never explain  
> the mechanisms of cosmogenesis or the hard problems and  
> interconnections between consciousness, mind, memory, senses, and  
> brain-body based on the fundamental dual nature of absolute Father- 
> Mother absolute SPACE that, essentially is omnipresent, omniscient,  
> omnipotent and completely unknowable by finite minds... (Although,  
> it can be experienced directly in deep meditation or "samadhi"  
> state of absolute quiet minded concentration)
> The fact is that meaning is already built into the information or  
> intelligence contained in the "spinergy" of the cosmic  
> "singularity" (which is ubiquitously reflected everywhere at the  
> origin of ZPE in the Planck vacuum) -- that stores ALL the  
> constructive and experiential memory of the previous cycles of  
> universal existence.  Thus, establishing the root of the the chaos  
> game and of the infinite integrated and differentiated  
> possibilities of image information in our holographic universe...   
> Which, incidentally is reflected in the ubiquitous distribution of  
> the DNA molecule in each cell of every evolved sentient being of  
> common ancestry.
> Obviously, the universe, itself, is far more intelligent than any  
> of us human beings -- who write so many zillions of words trying to  
> explain it. :-)  All it really takes is a few graphic illustrations  
> along with an intuitive imagination -- to bring it all into clear  
> consecutive focus through eternal cycles of time -- starting from  
> zero, and stretching to infinity and back again ... And, with all  
> the rules and stages of IDM expressed in between in accord with the  
> fundamental laws (of action/reaction, cause/effect, or Karma) built  
> into the *original spin* (pardon the pun ;-) at the primal  
> beginning. 
> taichi.spin.gif
> Didn't Einstein agree with Pythagorus and Plato when he claimed  
> that the universe can be explained through its spatial geometry?
> Apparently, right brain thinkers have the advantage over left  
> brainers -- since they don't have to wade through all that complex  
> wordiness or mathematics to see the whole picture in one flash of  
> insight. ;-)
> So, it's not my fault that scientists of all stripes don't wake up  
> to the actual reality of what is... And stop wasting time cutting  
> it into pieces so they can find out where it all comes from and  
> where it's going... When the only possible beginning (and ending)  
> is right under their noses.
> But, I understand that they have to keep busy looking -- so they  
> can keep on earning a living. ;-) ... And, that you have to keep on  
> endlessly explaining IDM, so long as you continue to believe that  
> everything (including awareness, will, qualia, ZPE entanglement,  
> gravity, etc.) can be explained by material neurological processes  
> along with derivative fractal mathematics, and that consciousness  
> is an epiphenomena of the brain's neurology -- while few of us can  
> take the time to understand your complex and convoluted jargon that  
> takes studied reference to your myriad's of online papers. ;-)
> (With the hope that we all can soon see the utter simplicity of  
> primal beginnings, its involution and evolution, and understand  
> exactly what and whom we each and all really are... Which  
> knowledge, if universally acquired and accepted, will end the  
> ignorance of such truths -- that is the cause of all human  
> suffering... As both the Buddha and the Christ knew all to well  
> ages ago -- without need of all the mathematical and "scientific"  
> gibberish -- or even my ABC diagrams.) </:-]>
> Best wishes,
> Leon Maurer
>> Chris
>> -----------------------------

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