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Re: Theos-World Pinkies

Nov 25, 2007 07:21 PM
by Cass Silva

Hi Frank
I can't find any statement like this from Purucker. But did find this.
Student -- It is perfectly clear, only there is something else I would like to ask in that connection. In the well-known fact of the Jews calling themselves the "chosen people," does it have an esoteric meaning to the effect that their lineage may be traced to that particular subrace of the preceding race, which was chosen as the germ for the evolution of the fifth race? 
G. de P. -- No, not at all. Every race in antiquity has considered itself, and rightly so, as the "chosen people" of its own particular planetary instructor or guide, Saturn in the case of the Hebrews, Venus in the case of the Romans, and so forth. Every race is the "chosen people" in that sense. Only the stiff-necked temperament of the Hebrews, concerning which their own prophets so loudly complained, laid particular and very especial emphasis on the fact that they were the "chosen people." 
There is also a good deal of the same feeling in the United States of America today, or used to be, to the effect that the Americans are the "chosen people." It is so with every people. It is called in modern times the nationalistic spirit; and as a spirit it has its own minor virtues. But there are few things, I really believe, Companions, which militate so strongly against the feeling of human brotherhood as does this spirit of aggressive nationalism. It is the duty of every man to love his country, to obey its laws, to be proud of its virtues, and of the noble achievements, the noble achievements, of its past; but to carry that very natural and proper feeling to the length of believing that other peoples are inferior is all wrong, because it is not true. 
The Chinese originally were the seventh and last sub-subrace of the seventh subrace of the fourth root-race. But they have today become so thoroughly amalgamated with our fifth root-race that they really belong to us, although they can trace their origins right back to the last sub-subrace of the highest Atlanteans. 
So the races overlap. From the fourth subrace of any root-race the next root-race begins as seeds, then the two races begin to overlap, and the overlapping continues until the mother-race decays and dies out. The new race becomes the heirs of the earth in its turn, and will be a race sui generis and dominant, reaching its heyday of material perfection, civilization, and progress during its great fourth subrace. Then it will begin to produce the seed of the next root-race to come, which in its turn will pass from the seed state to the plant state to the full grown. Meanwhile the mother-race will gradually fall into old age and decay and finally die, the egos passing over into the daughter-race; except that during the mother-race's last period some of the bodies may still serve as habitats for delayed egos, savage or barbarian egos, which in their turn are dying out but have force enough to keep the bodies of the mother-race running on for a while. You
 have evidences all around you: the Black Fellows of Australia, the Andaman Islanders around India, the Veddahs of Ceylon, the Hottentots of Africa, and some of the lowest of the tribes in Oceania. Many of them are very degenerate. They are all slowly dying out. The only way to stop the dying out of some of these races is intermarriage, miscegenation with higher races. Other egos of a stronger type then come in and keep the physical vehicles going on for a while. We have a case like that with a mixture of European blood with the Hawaiian Islanders, for instance, or the Samoans, or Fijians, or so forth. 
I do not often make the following statement because it sounds egoistic, bombastic, as if we theosophists, although decrying spiritual arrogance in others, were becoming infected by it ourselves, and we must avoid that. Yet as a matter of fact, it is an absolute truth that the theosophists are the foremost seeds, if I can so express it, of the races to come, the seeds of the sixth root-race. Others in the world there are who have not yet become theosophists for various reasons which may be karmic -- it may be a temporary mental and spiritual veil, their eyes are not yet sufficiently open -- who are just as ready as we are. But we are the type during fifth root-race times of what the first great subrace of the sixth root-race will be, only we ourselves as time passes will become more refined and more evolved to become the actual pioneers of the sixth root-race. Do you see what I mean? We are still in only the fourth great subrace of the fifth; so while we
 still belong to the fifth, we are the seeds of the sixth, especially theosophists. We lead the van. 
Now that is the plain truth. But as I have just stated, I don't like to talk this way. The public hearing it would say: Why look at those chaps out there, they arrogate to themselves the position of the leaders of mankind; and it is not true, that is not our idea. But the fact contained in the statement is true; and it was to guide us, these struggling young pioneers of the sixth root-race, that mainly the Theosophical Society was founded: to give us help and guidance by the teachings, to keep our feet on the right path. But this does not mean that we theosophists, those who have joined the TS, are the only seeds. I have just told you that there are literally millions of others in the world who have not awakened to the fact that what they would most dearly love in the world is to be theosophists. So therefore I say to our theosophists all the time: do everything you can to bring others into the work, into the TS. Give them the chance that you have got,
 and have awakened to appreciate. It is a duty. 
The Negroes are the one human stock or family which at the present time is not lower than the so-called White Race, but has a racial future, though at the present period it is in its infancy. On the other hand there are degenerate races, dying out races, such as the Veddahs. 
The Negroes are descendants of Atlanteans as we are, but they are behind us in evolutionary time because we outran them. At the present they are beginning to advance. In general strength of understanding and will power, with many notable exceptions amongst them of course, at the present time they are not quite our equals, but this is simply because they are younger. 
It is the destiny of the Negroes to be a coming race. They are a young race, not a degenerate dying-out race, and they show this by their capacity even to live with the white man and not be completely submerged by him. They can stand the strain. The Negroes are deeply to be pitied, for the unfortunate part of it is that they are in the position of a younger child-like race domineered over by a stronger, more advanced race, which does not fully realize the moral obligations it has towards these younger children of humanity. It is perfectly true that they are at a disadvantage with the white. 
But spiritually they are certainly our equals. They are monads just as we are. But from the racial standpoint they are younger than we, less evolved than we, more childlike than we are. They are learning from us, but they are learning with incredible rapidity, incredible rapidity. In about 100,000 years from now they will have then become no longer a purely Negro race, because they will have mixed with all the other strong races of the earth. The Negro element as we know it will practically have disappeared, and they will be a brown-skinned race, or a tawny-skinned race, and by that time will be one of the strong races of the earth because they are advancing rapidly. 
Now that is the whole truth with regard to the Negroes. Theosophists whose hearts have been opened should realize the responsibility they hold towards our younger brothers. On the other hand, it is just as ridiculous to put the Negro on a pedestal and to make a sort of demigod of him, since that is as wrong as it is to consider that he is innately or characteristically an inferior. Do you see what I mean? Both attitudes are wrong. He is younger, less evolved, has to grow to where we are; is not at present the white man's intellectual equal because he has not grown to it yet -- not from lack of intellectual capacity, but from lack of racial habit. He is coming up fast. I hope I have made this clear. Furthermore, even among the Negroes there are important racial distinctions, because there are racial differences, such as are so marked, for instance, between the Zulu and the Negro of the Guinea Coast. 
The time is coming, karma is taking care of it, when the Negroes will be absorbed by the presently stronger streams, and they will add a certain freshness and characteristic swabhava of their own to the resultant stream of human life. 
In some South American countries, for instance, the millions of Negroes, descendants of those brought over from Africa during the last 300 years or so, are being absorbed rapidly. They are intermarrying everywhere. These South American peoples are remarkably alert to the forces and principles of civilization, and are advancing very rapidly in high culture. South American cities are as well governed, if not better governed, than some of our cities are; have beautiful buildings, magnificent streets, all modern improvements, and their inhabitants are devoted to science and education. It is an experience well worth while to travel in these South American countries and to see the progress that they are making. 
Many of the Asiatic races have been mixed also, but with other human stocks, mainly between what it is customary for Europeans to call the Mongoloid and Aryanoid or Aryan. The Chinese are heavily mixed; the Japanese are heavily mixed, so are the Malays. The Indians of the Indian Peninsula, despite the almost prohibitive religious and other restrictions of intermarriage amongst the different races or castes, are slowly beginning to mix too. There is the fact, and we have to accept it. And the time is coming when I doubt if there will be what we could call a single pure white in the whole world. It may be scores of thousands of years yet, but it is coming, fatefully coming. Even today what we call the white race, which is really a pink race, is mixed. You take the Northern German or the Scandinavian or the English, with their tow-colored hair and forgetmenot eyes and pink skin, and compare these with the brown skin or dark skin of the Latin or the Greek.
 They are obviously racially akin, and yet marked by salient distinctions -- all of which shows intermixtures of human stocks in the past. 
April 29, 1941

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>Hi Frank
As far as I can tell Svabhaba has nothing to do with people's right to 
develop their own genius.

Mmmh. How can I develop my genius if you steal my my national soul?

>For me Svabhaba are natural laws and I can find no comment by Purucker on 
>race intermingling, but I will keep looking.

Purucker states that race intermixing is not good in this time period in one 
KTMG lecture, published as "Dialogues"
http://www.theosoci /dialogue/ dial-hp.htm

I have only the German edition page number and can't find in the American 
edition by googling.
I try to find it out.

>An Einstein would never be drawn to a tasmanian aboriginal or vice versa.

Did you know that his relativity theory is a fake?
That it is nonsense from both scientific and theosophical point of view?

> They exist in two different realities, just as we must seem like 
> inadequate vehicles for 6th or 7th root races. I cannot find anything that 
> suggests Aryans should not intermix. e.g. a Hindu with a Celt, or an 
> Iranian with a Teuton.

Are Hindus, Celts, Iranians and Teutons not all Aryans?

>It would be pointless mixing with 4th root races, say the Mongolians unless 
>it was done out of a sympathetic vibration to speed their evolution.

Should Chinese intermix with Tibetans?
I heard the Dalai Lama lament about the fact that in Lhasa the Chinese make 
70% and that the Tibetan culture is dying.
According to you it is a plus and the degenerate Tibets should thank the 
Chinese that higher souls can now incarnate into a lower race.


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