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Re: Theos-World Recreating TS History

Nov 25, 2007 01:53 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

>Are you telling me that there are 75 million chinese refugees in Europe?

No. I was telling you from foreign races in Europe.
Most of them are Africans and Turks and Arabs.

> If Germany had taken over the world would we all be speaking German now?

Hard to answer in the if-when style, but probably not, because language is 
an expression of the soul.
Do speak German one needs to think German.
The result of the foreign rule and the Orwellian thinking is that more and 
more Germans cannot understand German.
I just had a talk with an academic about an average German book of the 
beginning of the 20th century.
She was not able to understand the idealistic style, as she was raised in 
school and university in the materialistic way as you knwo from the 
anglo-saxony world.

>Chinese keep to themselves and are no bother whatsoever.

The Chinese were an example for me to understand my former argument of 
destroyed original cultures, which you seemed not to understand well.
So now you play on the Chinese as if I want to talk about Chinese.

>If it is the Arabs that are raping it is because of their repressed 
>sexuality and their nonsense religion. Do the same as we do to other 
>rapists, catch them and lock them up.

A very racist point of view.

>They can't all be rapists Frank, just as not all germans were not nazis. I 
>think perhaps you are blaming all for the acts of the few.

And I think you have no idea of the social live conditions here, even if I 
try it to explain to you.
I cannot that what I am or what I am not, because of lack of definition when 
someone is a nazi or not.
I have seems newspaper reports calling Russians who want not give over their 
land to foreign powers are now called nazis too.

>I think it is sad when a society fears walking its own streets, thank 
>goodness, it hasnt occured here.

This is what I have tried to explain you after you jubliation abou 
Many are attacked here from aggressive Turks, Arabs, Poland and Russians.
It is enough when you are sitting in bus and subway and look with open eyes.
Then they come, hit you and provoke: "Want problems?"
The results is that the German minority in the subway fears to look straight 
Some weaks ago a wild young Turk ahd the plan to push someone with inrun out 
of the starting subway.
Although it was long after midnight and I was tired, my inner voice came 
through and cried to me:
"Frank, leave this corner!" A lady took my place.
Some seconds later the inrunning Turk pushed her with all his power out of 
the starting subway.
The lady was very fat (or she was too short for her weight, to be 
politically correct) and heavy and she was able to claw at the half closed 
I think I would have been a better victim.

What do you tell a supermarket cashier, which has already three times 
forayed this year by Turkish gangs and who can only with sleeping pills, so 
far as her foreign neighbours (she earns not enough money to move to a 
better quarter) which make terror all night long (the police fears to come 
if you phone them) are so gentle and have longer low noise periods?
What do you think will she say about the advantage of multiculturalism?
You are right, she will say nothing and suffer silently because she will not 
be outed as a nazi from the ruling communist class, which live in high class 
quarters without foreigners.

After reading your postings I should meditate about a move to Australia.
Seems it is a more silent place as Germany.
How much would the Australian goverment pay for German immigrant like me.
As a theosophist I have no high demands. Can you live from USD$ 1,500 a 
And what size may an apartment for an immigrant like we have (I ask because 
of my theosophical library).?


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