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Re: Theos-World first rule of TS

Nov 25, 2007 01:20 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

>Hi Frank
As far as I can tell Svabhaba has nothing to do with people's right to 
develop their own genius.

Mmmh. How can I develop my genius if you steal my my national soul?

>For me Svabhaba are natural laws and I can find no comment by Purucker on 
>race intermingling, but I will keep looking.

Purucker states that race intermixing is not good in this time period in one 
KTMG lecture, published as "Dialogues"

I have only the German edition page number and can't find in the American 
edition by googling.
I try to find it out.

>An Einstein would never be drawn to a tasmanian aboriginal or vice versa.

Did you know that his relativity theory is a fake?
That it is nonsense from both scientific and theosophical point of view?

> They exist in two different realities, just as we must seem like 
> inadequate vehicles for 6th or 7th root races. I cannot find anything that 
> suggests Aryans should not intermix. e.g. a Hindu with a Celt, or an 
> Iranian with a Teuton.

Are Hindus, Celts,  Iranians and Teutons not all Aryans?

>It would be pointless mixing with 4th root races, say the Mongolians unless 
>it was done out of a sympathetic vibration to speed their evolution.

Should Chinese intermix with Tibetans?
I heard the Dalai Lama lament about the fact that in Lhasa the Chinese make 
70% and that the Tibetan culture is dying.
According to you it is a plus and the degenerate Tibets should thank the 
Chinese that higher souls can now incarnate into a lower race.



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