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Re: Theos-World Recreating TS History

Nov 21, 2007 05:22 PM
by Cass Silva

Perhaps they call it Christianity.

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By the way, in the USA, I have personally witnessed even those exposed to
theosophy, have unconsciously fallen into discriminating against those who
do not look like themselves and it is the same people who aspire to one day
become an Initiate. So the basic problem is with the human nature itself.
Most like those who are like ourselves.

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Mmmh, I wait for the day when the first member of a theosophical group is 
burnt after he/she/it declared that Blavatsky allowed reading books.

I know of one long term offical in a German group who frankly admitted that 
terror against newbies is a test.
Mmmh, from that point of view some here are since 20 years or longer 

I wonder how people can claim to be theosophists (and holier than other 
theosophists) , including infallibility, claim to follow Blavatsky and at the 
same time suppress factual issues, discussion, discourse in meetings and in 
the one-woman-runned magazines, when Blavatsky gave even her foes a voice.

At the Adyar convention 2002 in the question time no question or statement 
was allowed.
When one guest bravely nevertheless asked her question she was silenced with 
the statement that "we don't discuss".
Then the question time was ended.
Perhaps they call it democracy, freedom and pluralism.


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