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Re: Biography of Emil August Neresheimer

Nov 21, 2007 12:47 PM
by christinaleestemaker

E. August Neresheimer, who died in 1937, was of all those who 
survived Mr. Judge the best loved and the most respected as a 
disinterested man. It seems apparent that he was somehow attracted by 
Mrs. Tingley's occult pretensions and impressed by her "psychic" 
capacities, and that these influences, together with Hargrove's 
representations, led him to support the Tingley succession. 
Fortunately, before he died Mr. Neresheimer put into writing a sworn 
statement of his recollections of the events following Judge's death. 
This statement, dated February 25, 1932, contains the following 
    Among all the papers and other documents left by Mr. Judge, we 
found nothing whatever in his handwriting bearing upon the future 
conduct of the society after his death. Nor did we find anything in 
his writing naming Mrs. Tingley or anyone

281??????????????????E. A. NERESHEIMER'S AFFIDAVIT

else, either directly or indirectly, as his successor in the affairs 
of the Theosophical Society in America, or in its Esoteric Section, 
or any directions of any kind to be followed in the event of his 
    Mr. Judge cannot, in my opinion, be held responsible for the 
mistakes?made by others after his decease, since he never either by 
spoken or written word nominated, or even suggested a successor, or 
gave any instructions whatsoever as to the direction of the Society, 
or the "Esoteric Section" after his death.'
    When it is recalled that Mr. Neresheimer was made by Mr. Judge 
his Executor and that as such he took possession of all Judge's 
papers, including the so-called "Diary," supposed to have contained 
the written appointment of "Promise," this statement, issued under 
oath, ought to cause those who still claim the appointment of Mrs. 
Tingley by Mr. Judge to produce unequivocal evidence to controvert 
what Mr. Neresheimer says. It has since been alleged that Mr. 
Neresheimer was later shown other "diary" notes and that he admitted 
them to be in Judge's writing; and that, further, he agreed to revise 
his statement accordingly, but this he did not do, so that his 
statement must stand, until, at least, those "other" notes are 
produced for impartial examination.
    Alone among the eight witnesses, Mr. Joseph H. Fussell remained 
faithful to his testimony of March 29, 1896, becoming the 
indefatigable apologist of the "successorship" claim, whether in 
behalf of Mrs. Tingley or of Dr. de Purucker. On the occasion of Dr. 
de Purucker's bid for re-union of all theosophists under the aegis of 
the Point Loma headquarters, Mr. Fussell asserted that 
"successorship" is the veritable essence of all Theosophical 
achievement, exclaiming,
    Think a moment look at the logic of it. Here is the T. S. today, 
a living body under the guidance and direction of a living Teacher, 
continuing and expanding the work of his great Predecessor, H.P.B. 
Whence comes the life of the T.S. today? .
    H.P.B. years ago said that her work would be vindicated in the 
twentieth century. It is already vindicated, and increasingly so, by 
the work and methods of work of her Successor, the present Leader of 
the T. S. . . . And the logic of it is: Successorship! 

total to be read at:


Possibly they will have a biography in Germany.
FrGr Christina

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"christinaleestemaker" <christinaleestemaker@...> wrote:
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> pdf?_r=1&res=9E0CEFDF133BEE33A2575AC2A96F9C94679ED7CF&oref=slogin
> Till yet I only have found this wonderfull article from New York 
> Times newspaper 1896
> running barefoots Mrs E.August Neresheimer,the wife of a diamand 
> dealer.
> Christina
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> > Is there a published biography of Emil August Neresheimer that
> > mentions his family?  I think he had a son, a doctor named 
> Frederick,
> > a daughter named Amy.  Perhaps he married twice?   
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > 
> > Jake Benson
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