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Re: Theos-World How is your Lodge spending the Hollidays?

Nov 21, 2007 12:37 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

However, I for one, feel very sorry for the young men and women who
are deployed overseas, many of whom may never be back, leaving behind their
families to fend for themselves rest their lives for the looooong war the
country is fighting. I also feel for others, who will be back having lost 
limbs and mind/brain and suffer for rest of their lives struggling to
cope up with their handicaps for -- as the politicians say - for the
good of the country - you and me.Let us all be merry and do what we can to 
make 2008 a better year.


The foreign rule in Brainwashington (and in Madhouse II colony Europe) sends 
this young men and women to the front for its own profit, not for the 
country, as they say.
These boys and girls come mostly from the sub class, not from the "money 
caste" (W. Q. Judge's term).
Their young patriotic hearts are misused for clepto-monopoly-plutocratic 
vampires, who are raised from childhood on and been taught at Yale, Harvard 
etc. "elite" universities, how to swindle and lie and steal other peoples 
and nations possessions for the sake of their mad god.
The West will be destroyed by state within the state if no awakening will 
take place



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