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Re: Theos-World Recreating TS History

Nov 18, 2007 04:00 PM
by christinaleestemaker

Next avantar is coming on a white horse!!!

Christ    in      a

--- In, "Frank Reitemeyer" <dzyan@...> 
> At the infantile and idiotic Adyar covent in Berlin in 2002 (100th
> Anniversary of the German section) it was claimed at a poster wall 
> Leadbeater was President of the TS.
> A clairvoyant lecturer - she writes books about her encounters 
with the
> Masters - revealed that all the Masters (she named: Morya, 
> Blavatsky, Krishnamurti, Hilarion and a few others - I have 
written a memo,
> but writing now from memory) were present. They nodded from the 
> Wow, was that a harmonious and brotherly event!
> With only myself present for the dark side of the moon!
> Frank the Galactic Emperor
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> Sent: Sunday, November 18, 2007 9:44 PM
> Subject: Theos-World Recrating TS History
> The website of the TS in Australia recently published material on 
> Amphitheatre constructed on Sydney Habour as part of the 
preparation for
> the Coming of the World Teacher. Both the preamble to a letter 
sent to the
> "Sydney Morning Herald", and the letter from the National 
President of the
> TS in Australia, are excellent examples of attempts at the re-
creation of
> Theosophical history. Perhaps Ms Oliveira was assisted in her 
careful use
> of language by her husband, Pedro Oliveira, a bishop of the Liberal
> Catholic Church, who demonstrates similar verbal gymnastics on his 
> for the re-creation of Leadbeater's biography.
> I have added a few historical corrections in parentheses, and have
> separated out the "Theosophy in Australia" comments and Ms 
> claims to facilitate this.
> Dr Gregory Tillett
> "The Star Amphitheatre at Balmoral Beach in Sydney was the vision 
of Dr.
> Mary Rocke, a prominent theosophical worker in Sydney in the 
1920s. She
> purchased land and worked tirelessly to raise the money (through
> donations) for its construction, which commenced in 1923 and was 
> a year later."
> "The Star Amphitheatre had no connection at all with the 
> Society."
> [Apart from the fact that all those associated with it were eminent
> members of the TS, that the foundation stone was laid and 
"consecrated" by
> Leadbeater with Theosophist-Co-Masons enthusiastically 
participating, that
> it contained a Shrine Room for the ES of the TS, that TS members 
> urged to contribute to the building of the Amphitheatre in TS
> publications, etc, etc.]
> "It was built by an organization known as The Order of the Star in 
> East (OSE) which had been formed in 1911 in Benares (now 
Varanasi), India,
> in order to support the work of J. Krishnamurti, especially in his
> prophesized role as the next 'World Teacher'."
> [The OSE, presumably using this logic had nothing to do with the 
TS either
> - apart from being headed by Besant and Leadbeater, who were the 
ones who
> "prophesized" Krishnamurti's World Teacher role, apart from having 
in all
> its senior positions senior members of the TS, apart from being 
> in "The Theosophist" and other TS journals, apart from holding its 
> in TS premises, apart from books promoting the Coming being 
published by
> the TPH, etc, etc.]
> "In August 1929 Krishnamurti publicly renounced that role and 
> the OSE."
> [Not quite what Krishnamurti said..but he certainly did dissolve 
the OSE.]
> "Over the decades since that time sections of the Australian press 
> repeated the story, based on the poetic licence of a journalist 
for the
> Truth - a newspaper that specialized in 'sensational news', that
> Krishnamurti, in his role as World Teacher, was going to walk on 
> through the Heads of Sydney Harbour before addressing a gathering 
> followers at the amphitheatre!"
> (Source: Theosophy in Australia, March 1989)
> "We reproduce below the letter which the National President of the
> Theosophical Society in Australia, Linda Oliveira, sent to the 
editor of
> The Sydney Morning Herald about the old myth of Krishnamurti 
'walking on
> the water'. Unfortunately the letter was not published."
> "17 October 2007
> "Balmoral Amphitheatre - The Facts
> "The letter of 17 October from Tony Backhouse continues the 
> incorrect and sensationalised myth regarding The Theosophical 
> (TS), the Order of the Star in the East (OSE), the former Balmoral 
> amphitheatre and 'predictions' of a Messiah walking on water. This 
> based on a serious misunderstanding. Here are some facts."
> "The TS and the OSE were very separate organisations."
> [apart from the facts that..see comments above..]
> "The TS, formed in 1875, still exists as a world-wide organisation 
> Its members are united by a common search and aspiration for truth 
> their lives."
> "The OSE was founded to promote the work of J. Krishnamurti and was
> disbanded in 1929. However, its supporters and organisers included
> individuals from both organisations thus leading to a 
misunderstanding of
> the role of the TS. J. Krishnamurti was, for a time, a member of 
the TS."
> [The OSE was founded by leaders of the TS - Besant, Leadbeater, 
Arundale -
> unless Ms Oliveira can name anyone of significance in the OSE who 
was not
> also a major player in the TS? The "supporters and organisers" and 
the OSE
> did not "include" some members of the TS: the vast majority of its 
> were also members of the TS.]
> "The amphitheatre was built with private funds to provide a venue 
for the
> teachings of J. Krishnamurti, who some saw as a future World 
> [Perhaps it might be mentioned that the "some" who saw 
Krishnamurti as a
> "future World Teacher" include the then President of the TS and OH 
of the
> ES, Annie Besant, along with every leading figure in the TS - like
> Leadbeater, Jinarajadasa, Arundale, Ernest Wood, J.I. Wedgwood - 
> published their claims in "The Theosophist" and almost every other 
> journal, and gave public lectures promoting them?]
> "There was never any suggestion that he would "walk on water 
> Sydney Heads". As far as is known he gave only one lecture in the
> amphitheatre."
> "It is important to emphasise that The TS, as an organisation, 
since its
> early days has subscribed to no Messiahs and has no formal 
> with any other organisations. Also, the TS has no ideology which is
> binding on any member."
> [Apart, perhaps, from "The Basic Truths of Religion" agreed upon 
by the
> General Council of he TS on December 23, 1925 - and presumably
> subsequently repudiated - which included the statement: "The Wold 
> will thus help in preparing the way for the Coming of the World-
> who shall give to the Basic Truths the form suited to the age He 
will open
> - the Age of Brotherhood."]
> "Linda Oliveira
> National President, Theosophical Society in Australia"

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