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Re: Letters or messages or signs of the masters!!!!

Nov 18, 2007 00:13 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, "christinaleestemaker" 
<christinaleestemaker@...> wrote:

> For the time now, they better can send one very hard and good
>  one to Bush.
> And I think they will do in other way, directly to the mind.

There is a serious obstacle.
He should have mind, otherwise they cannot do that.

Really it was already done, I have read about clergyman who several 
times came to Bush (once to warn him against starting war in Iraq), 
and no one could stop him, though the police already has his photo. 
They call this kind of men a gate-crasher. No legal persecution can be 
used against him as he didn't break any law.
In spite of that the messages were delivered by somewhat miraculous 
way, as security guards couldn't prevent the clergyman from coming, 
Bush ignored those "messages from God" as the clergyman called it.

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