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Re: Blavatsky-fundamentalists partying at Beverly Hills

Nov 16, 2007 10:28 AM
by opetha

Hello be it,

I like hearing the term "Blavatski fundementalist", is it with pride 
and acceptance you use this phrase (as a theosophist? because I have 
always felt that the theosophical movement was based on rhetoric and 
not experience (i.e. meditation).

I mentioned something like this on the anthrospophy site and got a 
death threat from a coven Blavatski the new Mohammed and 
Secret Doctrine the new Q'uran? 

But to change the subject a little bit...theosophy teaches that this 
fourth manvantara is remarked by spiritual powers modifying man's EGO 
(mind/manas). This is interesting if we equate the facts of modern 
society, its informational overload---including occult as information---
and how the personality of the modernite justifies itself with EGO-
totems. Is it safe to say that the rise in consciousness that we are 
seeing, not with yogi's and magicians, but with TV personalities and 
youngsters extraverted arrogance, and the overcoming of romance in film 
and cinema with plastic ruthlessness--is this the work of the 
predominant architects? work that has detroyed soul in music and cinema?

If it is then do you see the pattern in which modern "esotericists" 
have sided *against* Christianity, for not providing for the EGO-mind 
as Thelema, theosophy etc, do? here is the battle of soul versus spirit.

I suppose the Manasa-Pitris have been modifying man's EGO-mind for a 
much longer period than this relatively recent fall of Christianity and 
rise in modernity, so if the rise in informational mind is the work of 
natural forces then we can only guess why it is now that they've made 
the ruthless boost. 

This reminds one of the "Pleadian Agenda" of the Mayan-new agers and 
David Ike's reptile paranoia (or even Rael's alien creators). It's a 
question of how the modifiers relate to these similar ideas and what 
faction after all is the benefactor and which the enslaver, etc. etc.


--- In, "Anand" <AnandGholap@...> wrote:
> Theo-talk list completed it's seven years a month back. In all these
> seven years lowest number of messages in a month were in October 2007.
> In this month, it received just 80 posts. What does this indicate ?
> Does this mean that interest in Theos-talk is reducing ? Does this
> mean members think time can be used in better way than talking at
> Theos-talk ? According to sources, Blavatsky-fundamentalists were
> partying at Beverly Hills.
> Anand

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