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THREE Aspects of Realtiy, Life...

Nov 16, 2007 08:44 AM
by Raul

I've come across the following idea by two 
independant 'theosophical' authors, HT Laurency and PG Bowen. I 
wonder if anyone else has seen this idea about THREE aspects as the 
makeup of Life or Realtiy.  Both authors put it about the same way.  
Bowen defined his SUBSTANCE as "metaphysical matter."  The other two 
aspects, Motion (or Energy) and Consciousness are stated about the 
same.  Both write that these aspects are intertwined and can not be 
known apart from each other, and that all THINGS can be known by 
their combination of the aspects. 
I wonder where this idea originated.  Has anyone here seen this idea 

HT Laurency puts it like this:

"Reality consists of the following three immediately given and self-
evident absolutes: 

motion (force, energy), 
and consciousness. 

They are the ultimate explanatory elements of
everything. They explain themselves by their modes of being, and 
cannot be further explained, only be ascertained by everybody." - 
Philosopher's Stone by HT Laurency
"Existence is a trinity of three equivalent aspects: matter, motion, 
and consciousness. None of these three can exist without the other 
two." - Knowledge of Reality by HT Laurency -

PG Bowen put it like this:


BEING (or any Being) in ultimate metaphysical analysis is a compound 
of three elements, none of which has any independent manifestation, 
or is knowable otherwise than in interaction with the other two. 
They are CONSCIOUSNESS, ENERGY and SUBSTANCE. All three exist in 
everything? in every aspect of LIFE, whether that aspect is 
perceived objectively through the senses or subjectively as an image 
in Consciousness, as a thought or a feeling, or in any other way. 
By the degree to which any one element is conditioned by the other 
two the nature or character of every Being and thing is determined...

Now LIFE, the ultimate NOUMENON, because it manifests to perceiving 
Consciousness always in Being, and never otherwise, is itself 
conceived to be a metaphysical compound of the three primary 
elements each in its noumenal, or unconditioned, state. LIFE is 
therefore pure CONSCIOUSNESS, pure ENERGY, pure SUBSTANCE, and 
equally none of these, but a thing entirely inconceivable?an 
unconditioned compound of the three."  - The Occult Way by PG Bowen -


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