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Re: [jcs-online] The Binding Problem and Quantum Entanglement

Nov 13, 2007 01:32 PM
by Leon Maurer

On Oct 21, 2007, at 10/21/0711:03 PM, RLG wrote:

> Due to the extreme difficulty of both the qualia problem, and the  
> hard problem, it seems prudent to first look at the binding  
> problem.  The binding problem arises because people believe that  
> existence is comprised of separate things.  But the idea that the  
> world is a collection of separate things is challenged by both  
> quantum theory and relativity.  From relativity we know that there  
> are no separate places and times along null geodesics.  Null  
> geodesics satisfy the equation (g_ik)*(dx^i)*(dx^k)=0 which means  
> they have no proper distance, and no proper time, in physical  
> spacetime.  A series of traveling photons, that all started their  
> journey from the same coordinate location in spacetime, all occupy  
> the same place and time (relative to themselves) throughout their  
> entire journey.  So it may be that the unity of conscious  
> experience results from all neural correlates of consciousness  
> occupying a common null geodesic.  Thus, within a given brain,  
> every neural correlate of consciousness is in direct contact with  
> all the others since there is no spatial, nor any temporal,  
> separation.  If this is true then it might be helpful in solving  
> both the qualia problem and the hard problem (although I am not  
> sure how).  Null geodesics also help to explain the strange  
> entanglement properties of the quantum world.  For instance EPR  
> effects can be explained, among all of the aforementioned traveling  
> photons, because they are in direct contact with each other at all  
> times throughout their journeys.
> However, there are still two types of binding: quantum entanglement  
> binding and the subjective binding of conscious experience.   
> Physics still has to be extended in order to relate these two  
> because the hard problem clearly shows the failure of material  
> stuff to deliver subjective stuff.  Clearly there are great  
> discoveries yet to be made here.  

Here's one possibility... That considers both the null geodesic and  
the entanglement concepts.

If conscousness is a fundamental qualitative aspect (potential  
awareness, will, qualia, etc.) of primal SPACE located, ubiquitously,  
in the Planck vacuum at the zero-point center of origin (or  
"singularity') of the fractally involved ZPE fields that generates  
and energizes all the fundamental particles -- the "quantum  
entanglement" of those zero-point centers could be the efficient  
cause of the "binding of conscious experience."

Also, the associate ZPE fields surrounding each (and all) of those  
those zero-points of consciousness -- would logically be the medium  
of perceptive information encoded as wave interference patterns on  
the surfaces of those fields... Their magnetically resonant nature  
would then account for both the assembly of fragmentally processed  
visual imagery in the brain, as well as the binding of both mind and  
memory to the brain -- since these sub quantum fields would be  
resonantly entangled, holographically, with all the local and global  
magnetic information fields surrounding every brain neuron and each  
functional group of neurons.

This entanglement of all fields of consciousness would also account  
for the local perception of a remote pain being felt simultaneously  
by global self reflective consciousness -- as well as explain the  
magnetically resonant holographic coordination of the body fields and  
their 3D mapping, with the perceived visual field along with the  
coordinated kinesthetic and visual processing (and resultant em  
information fields) in the brain... Thus, enabling a ball player to  
catch a high fly on the run and jump, and a clay sculptor to place  
the point of his tool on the exact point on the model that  
corresponds with the corresponding point on the holographic image of  
his subject carried by and perceived in his mind field -- with  
perfect precision.

 From a physics and engineering standpoint, the 3D mental images in  
sequential motion (related to alpha-beta-gamma rhythms) would be  
experienced at the apparent point of visual consciousness in the  
center of the brain, by detecting the modulated reflected phonons of  
the coherent energy radiation, covering the entire frequency spectrum  
of the mind field, willfully projected from the infinite spin  
momentum centers of ZPE fields (corresponding to each pixel of the  
original images on the retinas) that holographically reconstructs and  
merges the interference patterns of the combined stereo-binocular  
retinal images processed in the visual cortex.  (I can pictorially  
imagine this time sequential multidimensional process, but find it  
difficult to explain linguistically without reference to animated 3-D  
illustrations and flow diagrams.)   The 3 dimensional hardwired  
crossover optic nerve network between either one or both eyes, and  
the dual brain hemispheres, are also instrumental in this process of  
stereo-binocular vision -- which even further complicates the  
engineering explanation problem.

This unified field concept -- which, incidentally, at its physical  
level, is closely in conformance with Einstein's General Relativity,  
Maxwell-Ampere-Faraday's energy equations, and the "holographic  
paradigm" theories of Bohm-Pribram et al, as well as with leading  
edge string, LQG, axion, tachyon, microlepton, aether, cosmological,  
etc., theories (all of which are as yet incomplete since they don't  
recognize consciousness as the only creative force in nature) --  
seems to me to be far more explanatory, and parsimonious than any  
theories of consciousness based on it being an epiphenomena of the  
brain's neural processing or physical structure.  It also completely  
eliminates the hard problem -- since the "experience of  
consciousness" occurs in primal SPACE that is outside the realm of  
physical description.

The only difference, with relation to physics, would be a change of  
its paradigm to include the separation between consciousness and  
matter or subjectivity and objectivity, as well as accept their meta- 
or supra-physical and physical field interconnection, and to  
recognize that the source of all matter is the spin-momentum force of  
the ubiquitous and entangled zero-point "singularity" of that  
Absolute primal SPACE -- whose dual nature of potential consciousness  
and matter would become the fundamental a priori basis of all  
theories of physical spatial dynamics -- which would have to consider  
both subjective and objective evidence as being equally valid, while  
eliminating or modifying the empirical basis of falsification.

The simplest way I've found to logically explain the initial  
involution and evolution of the necessarily fractal involved fields  
of consciousness and matter, and their electrodynamic and holographic  
interrelationships, would be through symbolic 3D topological and  
geometric field illustrations such as these:  Meditate on them, and  
you might better comprehend what I am talking about.

Hopefully, some open minded and imaginative physicists might be able  
to work out the electrodynamics and descriptive topological  
geometries, and find an experimental proof that would verify this  
general hypothesis that could very well underly a final unified field  
theory of everything.  I would be happy to see one or more of them  
win a Nobel prize in physics, chemistry and physiology before I check  
out with the ghost in the machine. :-)

Best wishes,

Leon Maurer

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