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Re: Theos-World Arabia Petræa -

Nov 09, 2007 10:07 PM
by Anton Rozman


You can enjoy online also the collection of lytographs by Scottish 
artist David Roberts (1796-1864) who traveled through Petra in 1838.

Please see:

Warmest regards,

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> Sven and all,
>     Just if some would like to take a quick trip to Ancient Petra 
on Google Earth (there are many Photographs you can view when you get 
there as well as zoom in to view--- here are the Coordinates:
> 30 19 13.70 N
> 35 27 28.54 E
> Enjoy,
> John 
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> From: Sveinn Freyr <Sven04@...> 
> List members -
> Few lines from Old Diary Leaves Vol VI
> ~ S. F.
> -----------
> The fact is - as I was told many years ago - the headquarters of the
> White Lodge is shifted from place to place according to the 
> of occult management; it used to be in Arabia Petræa but two years
> before the British came to possess themselves of Egypt it was 
> to Tibet, not to Lhassa but to another place. When H. P. B. and I 
> preparing to come to India, arrangements were in progress for the
> removal of the White Lodge from Tibet to another retreat where there
> was the minimum of chance of their being disturbed by any of these
> movings of pawns across the political chequer-board.
> - P.109
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