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Arabia Petræa -

Nov 08, 2007 06:50 AM
by Sveinn Freyr

List members -

Few lines from Old Diary Leaves Vol VI

~ S. F.

The fact is - as I was told many years ago - the headquarters of the
White Lodge is shifted from place to place according to the exigencies
of occult management; it used to be in Arabia Petræa but two years
before the British came to possess themselves of Egypt it was removed
to Tibet, not to Lhassa but to another place. When H. P. B. and I were
preparing to come to India, arrangements were in progress for the
removal of the White Lodge from Tibet to another retreat where there
was the minimum of chance of their being disturbed by any of these
movings of pawns across the political chequer-board.

 - P.109

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