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Theos-World Re: Particles Konstantin and Leon

Nov 06, 2007 01:16 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

Dear Cass,

--- In, Cass Silva wrote:

> that our physical body is represented by a cube, our
> emotional body by a iscosahedron, and our mental body by
> a octahedron.

Really this idea is new to me, so I didn't relate bodies with the 

> From what you are saying these geometrial figures are composed
> of chemicals, e.g. Helium is related to Tetrahedron.

I (and the author) meant the reverse, i.e. that the elements are based 
on platonic solids.

There are 7 types of matter, i.e. subplanes (and planes also), it's 
the "vertical" division, but there are also 7 types of matter within 
any supblane, lets call it "horisontal".

Suppose 7 binary digits, from 001 to 111. Three columns mean tamas, 
rajas & sattwa. So 001 is pure sattva, 110 - rajas & tamas, and in 111 
all three gunas are balanced. Thus we have 7 qualities of matter in 
one plane or subplane. It would be provoking to correlate these types 
with groups of the periodic table. The problem is that there are 8, 
not 7 groups. But there is also 000, unmanifested, and there are inert 
gases in 8th group, which are reluctant to take part in chemical 

But probably vertical and horisontal divisions are equally akin to 
platonic solids, and then corelation of bodies with them can make some 
semse. But even if so, this would not be a full equality but just an 

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