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Re: Theos-World Re: Off Topic- Ringing Cedars of Siberia

Nov 05, 2007 10:48 AM
by Augoeides-222

Konstantin, Hi, thanks for your reply and comments they are appreciated as always.


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Dear John and Anton!

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> In my surfing I came 
> upon Vladimir Megre and his Books about the Siberian Shaman, 
> Anastasia the Shaman's daughter, and the Ringing Cedars of Siberia. 

> What do you have as your opinion if you have read his books.

I didn't study it in depth, as it seemed to me a new-age movement like 
those which are many in the west.
But from my superficial study I could make the following conclusions.

The story as a whole is a fake, but is based on some actual facts and 
teachings. When aquainting with the teaching I noted that some points 
make sense and some not (at least, I didn't like them). There is a 
women in Russia who asserts that Megre has stolen the basic doctrine 
from her and added many his own additions. Noteworthy these were very 
those points which I dodn't like, so I have reasons to believe her. 
>From those who had business with Megre there came reports that he is 
just an able businessman, and not very honest one.
One of our oldest theosophists who travelled very much over Siberia 
said that the author never was in Siberian forests, as he describes 
them inadequately.

So we can consider him as a kind of Lobsang Rampa. Though the latter 
never was in Tibet or contacted mahatmas, he has spread some of 
theosophical teaching with his own changes and additions.

> has created a worldwide Foundation and Network. We have Cedar 
> Colony's in our forests also and for decades I have had Cedar wood 

The planting of cedars was the positive effect of that teaching.
I always wondered why we have on cedars near Moscow (climat seems to 
prermit them). It occured that apparently no one planted them because 
they give nuts after many years only and he will never enjoy them. As 
now people are planting them from the religious considerations, not 
for nuts only, we may hope for the nuts (in the lext lives of course).

For our readers living in southern countries I have to explain that we 
talk about not those cedars which grow near Midterranean and are 
depicted on the flag of Lebanon but those of Siberia, which are more 
scientifically called "cedar pines". Unlike the former, the latter 
give nuts, very small but tasty.


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