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From Old Diary Leaves -

Nov 04, 2007 09:21 AM
by Sveinn Freyr

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Few lines from Old Diary Leaves Vol I

~ S. F.

... Then, again, I had ocular proof that at least some of those who
worked with us were living men, from having seen them in the flesh in
India after having seen them in the astral body in America and Europe;
from having touched and talked with them. Instead of telling me that
they were spirits, they told me they were as much alive as myself, and
that each of them had his own peculiarities and capabilities; in
short, his complete individuality. They told me that what they had
attained to, I should, one day, myself acquire; how soon, would depend
entirely upon myself; and that I might anticipate nothing whatever
from favour; but, like them, must gain every step, every inch of
progress by my own exertions.

One of the greatest of them, the Master of the two Masters about whom
the public has heard a few facts and circulated much foul abuse, wrote
me on June 22, 1875: "The time is come to let you know who I am. I am
not a disembodied spirit, Brother, I am a living man; gifted with such
powers by our Lodge as are in store for yourself some day. I cannot be
with you otherwise than in spirit, for thousands of miles separate us
at present. Be patient and of good cheer, untiring labourer of the
sacred Brotherhood! Work on and toil too for yourself, for
self-reliance is the most powerful factor of success. Help your needy
brother and you shall be helped yourself in virtue of the
never-failing and ever active Law of Compensation":

- P. 236-237

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