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I have found my SAINT!!!!! -- PLEASE READ

Sep 29, 2007 12:37 PM
by danielhcaldwell

BELOW is an email I just wrote to a friend of mine.
We had been discussing "saints" recently hence my
reference to a saint.



I have found my SAINT!!!!!

Saint Aaron.  He doesn't call himself that.

He calls himself Aaron.

He was featured on CNN today.


If the above link doesn't work, use this one:

His local paper has this 6 page article on him:

Here is a DIRECT link to his website for helping the poor children 
and people of Haiti:

A link showing the board of directors:

Here are the Haiti projects he is working on:

On the above page about the Haiti projects, read the
sobering thoughts about "Why Help Haiti".

Then read the even more sobering facts about the world poverty

Here is one of the donation pages showing what the
money can do:

You can donate online at:

I'm going to start donating a certain amount of money
every month to the work of Aaron. 

See about donating monthly at:

Dave, can you put a link to some of this on your
blog page.  I am going to feature this on my Blavatsky
website and send an email to hundreds of Theosophists
I know.

Let me know you got this.


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