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Poems of Gerardus

Sep 24, 2007 05:09 PM
by Cass Silva

Poetic Interlude...


At first...
when I was only a Rock... all I did was 'rocking'.
Later I became a Plant...
and all I did was 'planting'.

Then I became a Flower...
and all I did was 'flowering'.
Eventually.. . I became an Ant...
and all I did was 'anting'.

And later somehow...
I was a Dog
and a Horse
and a Whale.
And then I became a Dolphin.

And at that time...
I did a lot of 'doggone-horsing- around'
and had a 'whale' of a time 'dolphining' .

Finally I became Man...
and all I did was 'manning'... and 'womanning'.

Right now I am a Human Being... and think a lot.

Sometimes I think so much...
that I want to be a Rock again.

But lately...
I forget all about thinking.
For my Intuition is 'intuiting'.

And my Intuition tells me...
that sooner or later... I will be a God.

And I also know...
that I was God all along.

Since Ever.

-=+=-=+=-=+= -=+=-=+=- =+=-=+=-

~ From the Poems of Gerardus ~

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