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RE: Theos-World Re: Mathematics of the Costmic Mind

Sep 23, 2007 05:38 AM
by Raquel Rodríguez

Hello Daniel
  Yes I had already got to that link and wondered why the title was changed. This means I would have to borrow my own book for a while and see if he decides to buy it. I would rather buy myself for him, It is not that I´m generous. I do not know why I feel so apprehensive about borrowing my books, especially Theosophical ones.
  No words to express how glad I am to have mee you.
  Universe Generosity is Limitless
  Best Regards

danielhcaldwell <> escribió:
          Dear Raquel,

Yes the link:

no longer works!!!

Apparently Point Loma Publications [] no longer
has this book online. I cannot find it anywhere at their site 
although it was there previously.

But the book has been reprinted by Point Loma Pubs. and is for sale 

Scroll to the bottom of that page. Last book. Book has been retitled:

Sacred Geometry of the Living Cosmos

Cover of new reprint/edition is at:

Hope this helps.


--- In, "raquel_rpj" <raquel_rpj@...> 
> Dear Daniel,
> I am bussy rigth now with the lecture of The Mathematics of the 
> Mind, as Jonh recomended me. I am really happy to have comenced my 
> studies again and now I´m wandering how could I live without doing 
> Reading this page dayly has been a great help and guide, and for 
> I would like to sincerely thank the whole group.
> I have higly recomended this book to a friend of mine, who is also 
> boss and an arquitect, but I could not open the page of it, on the 
> website 
> Would you know another way to acess this book on line?
> Best regards
> Raquel



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