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Re: Theos-World Mathematics of the Costmic Mind

Sep 23, 2007 05:29 AM
by Raquel Rodríguez

This is very quin from you, John
  I´ll surely read it, your recommendations have not waste. I´m also very interested on Chemicals, as ceramicist it is a subject that I really plan to study deep. I had downloaded Occult Chemistry, by Annie Besant and Leadbaker at Internet archives, but a I have so much work and study in hall senses to do, that I can´t really spear as much time to study, as I would like. here is the link if anyone is interested
  And also is not the time of study I really lack, but how far I am still to be able to understand deeply many of it´s context, to be able to work familiarly with such a symbols, as I´ve also worked rather hard in my life to keep myself in ignorance and waste a great amount of talent.
  First I´ve read H.P.B. I thought I had not understand a third of it. Right now I realise that I have not even the cognition to put a number on the parts of the teaching I can grasp. Far from bothering me, this bit of knowledge a can grasp is so highly regarding, I can not imagine a better way to spend this or as many lives as they are necessary to fully understand the Whole. 
  That I have certain ability to discern between what is truth and what is not, to me is a real proof that a spark of human intelligence is inherit in every human being. And as a neighbor southed the other day through the window to another neighbour, Truth has it´s own way. 
  I was really amazed, when I was in art school to hear from my potter wheel teacher, a man rather conservative, male chauvinist and roman catholic christian fanatyc, " As long as you are not able to have clear in your mind and clearly see the shape of the bowl you want to construct, you´ll never be able to do it, first you see it, then you model it". Here is a real True symbol of the of  mystery of All Creation. I thought It did worth to preserve ancient arts and every inherit knowledge attached to them.
  Besides when I, inflated by ego wanted to create something really transcendental, to be know and socially recognize. Took me a time to recognize my own limitations and I ended being rather happy to realize I was just a simple crafter, with certain notions of balance and harmony. The clay took me farther than that. In the beginning I pay a good amount of stress in creating, after a log way I felt really happy to realise I had become a medium for the clay to express itself. Massed when is needed, modeled when it ask for it, let it dry on the necessary conditions, let the fire do rest.
  Realising of how little I am it has been one of the greatest realizations in my life.
  I tell you this because I hope you have not much expectations on my work. I would need a long time to work with all this symbols correctly. With no harry nor delay.
  This is what I would call a happy meeting my friend.
  Best regards
   so I could say as I can see for the amount of material
   that is being copiled escribió:
I was just thinking of you last night, I happened to reading a little of a favorite 
Author on Ch'an and Zen Teachings Charles Luk (Lu K'uan Yu) works have most interesting commentary and explanations for a symbolic metaphoric graphical systems they have utilized in the East.
His "Taoist Yoga" has replete content of Alchemical Meditation technique with graphical symbolic representations. One is the well known "Uniting of the Sun and Moon" also seen in other systems like the western Alchemists.
In his rare three volume work "Ch'an and Zen Teachings" in the part dealing with the Ts'ao Tung Sect (Soto Zen) he publishes a most unique System that can easily remind one of the Eclipse Cycle of Astronomy which portray the conditions of "Host" and Guest" in their combinational condition of presences. The Sufi also use this same Symbolic System, and language intimate to Confucus and Mencias. (pages160-161) and the I Ching. On pages 127 the Five Glyph of the I Ching and the Symbols are shown that indicate:

Host -the real comprising the seeming
Host coming to light
Guest returning to Host
Host in host

These are also shown integrated together into a symbolic Dorge such as the Tibetan use on page 151, Volume Two of the Ch'an and Zen teachings.

I hope some day you will show some of the Art you Create incorporating the symbols on a web site we can visit.

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From: "raquel_rpj" 

Dear Daniel,
I am bussy rigth now with the lecture of The Mathematics of the Cosmic 
Mind, as Jonh recomended me. I am really happy to have comenced my 
studies again and now I´m wandering how could I live without doing it. 
Reading this page dayly has been a great help and guide, and for this 
I would like to sincerely thank the whole group.
I have higly recomended this book to a friend of mine, who is also my 
boss and an arquitect, but I could not open the page of it, on the 

Would you know another way to acess this book on line?

Best regards


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