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I'itoi (Man in the Maze): Is He a Planetary Spirit or an Adept?

Sep 22, 2007 10:21 PM
by danielhcaldwell

About 45 miles from where I live in Arizona (USA) is Baboquivari 
Peak, which is the home of I'itoi, the creator god of both the Tohono 
O'odham and the Pima Indians.

I'itoi is also known as the Man in the Maze

A friend of mine wanted to know what light Theosophy might throw
on I'itoi.   Is he a Planetary Spirit or an Adept or ....? 

Below is a link to my rough notes which include links to relevant 
material  in Wikipedia as well as quotes from HPB's and KH's writings 
and references to other mythological themes such as sacred mountains, 
labyrinths, etc.:

I thought I would share the notes with the group.  The notes may make 
no sense whatsoever!


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