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Karma & Reincarnation

Sep 20, 2007 11:58 AM
by M K Ramadoss

We are exposed to the principles of Karma and Reincarnation and from time to
time we think about it when we act or react in any situation we are faced

The world is watching the war that is going on in the Afghanistan and Iraq.
Thanks for the modern technology; we are able to see live pictures of what
goes on in a war. In the past, we were able to read eyewitness accounts of
the action and some still pictures. For any sensitive person who sees the
live pictures on TV will be very much pained to see what is happening unless
one is insensitive to all the horror.

>From a factual/statistical point of view:

   1. Numerous buildings ? residences and commercial are destroyed by
   bombs and firefight.
   2. Many young men and women have lost their lives causing a lot of
   suffering to their kith and kin and the results are going to last a very
   long time.
   3. Many young men and women have been seriously wounded ? losing their
   limbs and disabling head injuries. Lifelong suffering will be faced by them.
   Again causing suffering to kith and kin.
   4. Several million have been displaced and are refugees from their own
   countries. Most with no jobs and homeless living on government handouts.
   5. Several thousands have been killed, maimed.
   6. Countries infrastructure destroyed.

The bottom line is ? war is causing a lot of pain and suffering to a very
large number of people.

How does one view the above from a Karmic point of view.

Is all the suffering due to repayment of Karmic Debts by those who are
facing pain & suffering?

What are the Karmic consequences for those responsible for the destruction
and pain? Or are they just acting as the agents of Lords of Karma so that
they do not have to face any consequences?

Since countries are involved, what are the national karmic consequences? Do
we ? you and I going to pay for the national karma?

For some of us who believe in Karma, what are our responsibilities and what
we can do to minimize the pain and suffering?

Etc. Etc.

Any thoughts?


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