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Re: Theos-World Theosophia edited by Boris de Zirkoff

Sep 14, 2007 02:10 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Daniel, I like Boris de Zirkoff and his valuable insights very much.

Of most importance is his just and open criticism of the moral and 
intellectual descend of the "Theosophical Societies", and especially the 
(former?) political agendas of that organizations, when he writes at

"When a Theosophical Lodge frowns at admitting Negroes to its gatherings; 
when members of the Society advocate, privately or publicly, reactionary 
ideas of human exploitation and discrimination; when they use some 
distortion of ancient teachings to support the political ideas of racialism; 
when official organs of one or another Society uphold the political ideas of 
a portion of mankind, engaged in a war of extermination, as against the 
political ideas of the other portion; when the humanitarian and progressive 
ideas of one or another member are branded by his co-workers as being but 
political slogans and propaganda; and when hundreds of otherwise good men 
and women spend their lives mainly in the pursuit of intellectual knowledge 
for themselves, without the slightest regard to the problems of the Human 
Race in general, - Brotherhood becomes worse than the sounding brass and the 
tinkling cymbals of the Scriptures, nay, it becomes a comfortable and 
convenient screen behind which to hide the whited sepulcher of moral 
desolation and iniquity."

Quite easy to see, whom and what he means: AB, CWL and two WW.


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edited by Boris de Zirkoff

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