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Reality vs. Dylan Avery & the Official Neocon "Plane" Doctrine

Sep 13, 2007 08:08 PM
by Ozzy bin Oswald

Does a man awake never to fall unconscious again?

Do you want the Truth or do you just want to join a phony truth-movement
predicated on a provably false premise?

Dylan Avery:
  I'd grown weary of researching and propagandizing the obvious fact that
911 was a conspiracy long years before you realized anything was even
amiss. Long before you collected other people's work and put it in a
video which only received attention because we pushed it for you.

And we made a big mistake. We accepted one aspect of this
coup-government's operation at face-value despite the fact that nothing
they've told us was true. People like Nico and Webfairy, whom you and
your yes-men followers [the safe-to-come-out-now battalion] denigrate
and disparage, were first to recognize and correct that false
assumption. People whose stature reaches far beyond yours. You ponsing,
bejewelled, powdered wig. You trifling punk. We diapered this movement
in haste and many stinking little shits squeezed through.

Everybody knows 911 was an inside job. Scurrying vermin and monkeys
swinging in trees know it. We're not finished fighting for the truth and
your  movie, based on fake video images, irrefutably demonstrated,  only
serves to buttress and confirm the Bush administration's biggest

  Don't be complicit. It's a false reality. This could easily have been
done on friendly terms. But you and your obedient minions, thinking
yourselves wise, have become fools. You make people believe a lie - the
lie into which you have invested all of your worth. But your sense of
your own worth is the least of concerns. We will beat you down with the
blazing torch of truth just as we've done to the neocon-faithful. Truth
itself screams the accusation.
So you and your herd continue slandering the remnant of real
seekers-after-truth all the live-long day. Tell us to up our dosage, to
adjust our tinfoil hats, because we're not shaken by these desperate and
vapid  tactics. We know your kind. And we're battle-hardened.

We made you a niche celebrity but we can make you the most infamous
buffoon in modern history.

Deal with the facts or we'll destroy you.

  [video]  <>

Genghis6199 Confronts Fake Media Shill Sell-Out Dylan Avery

If you have become accustomed to a cartoon and a crumb-trail this
information may be too sophisticated for you to grasp.

  [video]  <>
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