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Re: Theos-World a comparison between HPB and Alice Bailey by Alice L Cleather a

Sep 12, 2007 01:32 PM
by christinaleestemaker

You don't need to thank me, we all bring on board of what we think we
can help anyone with something new for  him or her.
And we stay learning
and we need to behold VIVEKA

--- In, "Scribe" <scribe@...> wrote:
> Christina, et al,
> Thank you very very much for this compilation of comparisions
between HPB and AAB!
> Recently I had in a roundabout way asked this forum for guidance
regarding AAB's teachings vis a vis HPB's. After studying HPB's works
for years to the best of my solitary ability, and then confronting
AAB, I was as confused as I had been reading CWL and AB after HPB.
When I first joined this forum I didn't know the difference and hadn't
dreamed there was one, I just thought there must be some things I
didn't understand as yet, and to press on.
> Now, it's been clearly shown to me what the differences are, that
they are not minor, that they can in fact be contradictions, and that
the "gap" I had felt between HPB's works and the subsequent authors I
mentioned above--was a chasm. 
> I do feel I know why now, I can differentiate, and while I feel a
loss nevertheless I feel a little good (not to be too egotistical)
(this must be the double-edged sword) that I have learned something
and I can discard a lot and hopefully now I'm pointed in the right
direction, that in itself is a comforting thing to know.
> But I could not have done it without your and the Theos-Talk
Forum--all of your [except dripsonic :)] help.
> Thank you again,
> Scribe
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Alice L Cleather ad Basil Crump
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>   from 
>   SPRING 1989
>   The
>   Pseudo-Occultism
>   of
>   Mrs. A. Bailey
>   By
>   Alice Leighton Cleather 
>   and
>   Basil Crump
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