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Interesting Story

Sep 09, 2007 05:46 PM
by M K Ramadoss

When I read the following, I thought it is something from the middle east
with their strict sharia laws. No, it is from UTAH. This are the views that
a small sect is following: Thought it might interest some!!!


"George Frey for The New York Times

Michelle Benward of New Frontiers for Families helping move furniture into a
house for exiled young men.

When his parents discovered his secret stash of DVDs, including the "Die
Hard" series and comedies, they burned them and gave him an ultimatum. Stop
watching movies, they said, or leave the family and church for good.

With television and the Internet also banned as wicked, along with
short-sleeve shirts ? a sign of immodesty ? and staring at girls, let alone
dating them, Woodrow made the wrenching decision to go. And so 10 months
ago, with only a seventh-grade education and a suitcase of clothes, he was
thrown into an unfamiliar world he had been taught to fear."

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