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Re: Theos-World To Frank: A Mahatma Letter Received by Sinnett after H.P.B.'s Death???

Sep 07, 2007 09:58 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer


Look at Letter 33 in the first 3 editions of THE MAHATMA LETTERS.
You can see a transcription of that letter at:

Is this a real KH letter received during the time period 1880-1885
or does it date to 1894 and was it received by Sinnett thru Maude

as Besant joined only in 1889, this letter is of course not before that 
I can see no problem with the content. It  has the sound of the "company", 
to my weak understanding.
OTOH, supposed, this letter is not authentic, the formulation could have 
been taken over from a real letter which is lost.

Remains an examination of the original letter or at least of the  once 
(still?) planned colored faksimile edition for anomalies.
Sinnett's note added to this Letter 33 reads:

"K.H. Letter received through M. shown to A.B."

which said historian suggested might mean:

This K.H. Letter was received through Maude and I [Sinnett] showed
it to Annie Besant. That is, in 1894 Sinnett was still receiving a
few physical letters from KH (apparently thru Maude) and this Letter
33 received in 1894 was shown to Mrs. Besant when she met Sinnett
in 1894.

This would make the following part of Letter 33 much more
understandable and immediate:

"Meanwhile use every effort to develop such relations with A. Besant
that your work may run on parallel lines and in full sympathy; an
easier request than some of mine with which you have ever loyally
complied. You may, if you see fit -- show this note to her, only."

Ok, but M. can also stand for HPB's teacher.
These quote seen to fit best into the period when AB was President  of the 
Blavatsky Lodge.
But what if there were quarrels between AB and APS between 1889 and 1891, 
which is not unlikely as the LL drifted away.

If this is such a letter, then is it really from the Master KH???

Unless there originals (or at least faksimiles) are examined, we probably 
will never know.

BTW; I am puzzled since years about the first TS logo in NY.
Was it b-w or colored?


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