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Re: Theos-World One of Konstantin's Statements & Larger Issues

Sep 06, 2007 02:03 AM
by Augoeides-222

  My perception of your miss-perception is, that the Totalitarian Authoritative Communist Dictatorship Forced the Foreigners to go to a "Control Hotel" where they were kept under strict survelliance at all times by the Chinese, freedom of travel was not a known quantity there, as it is not now without a caretaker. I don't indulge in alcohol, neither do rate nations by the booze. The Chinese recently hacked into the Office of the U. S. Secretary of Defense. The PLA has a dedicated corps of 8000 trained Computer "hackers" who have been probing incessently sensitive areas of many free Nations. Recently they even conducted a Cyber Attack upon Germany! They also now have three aircraft carriers,two Russian and one they built all by themselves, 1008 feet long. Oz will be easy range for them. You forgot China invaded Tibet and murdered many thousands of Monks, destroyed priceless precious heritages of mankind in the most heinous way and swallowed that nation into oblivion. China also clai
ms ownership of many other places besides Taiwan and Tibet. The Spratley Islands near the Philippines where oil is found. There is only a partial cessation of fighting between China and India over areas China now claims in it's methodical land grabs. Macao, Hong Kong, and Singapore used to be free. It is by the Chinese in part that the Arabs ignore the world and the UN , China is the Major Partner of Sudan in development of the oil there, they have several thousands PLA servicemen disguised as civilian casuals in that country. China has a Permanent Member Veto in the U. N. Security Council. Only two hundred thousand people have been murdered there so far, mostly all Christians who are black people murdered by Arab Islamist mercenaries with support of the Sudan Military Forces.

   Putin was a very high KGB Official as well as a very advanced Military pilot. He was Mayor of St. Petersberg. He has made certain his fellow KGB will succeed him if he is not given a third term. He has squelched Media Freedoms in Russia effectively. And he has directed a very large re-nationalization of Energy, Oil, Gas, Diamonds, and other primary resources away from the private sector and back to State Ownership. They now propose to create a OPEC style Grain Cartel, All the individual Aircraft Company's are now re-organized into a single Company UAC. He has re-initiated  cold war stances and budgeted huge productions of new Military refurbishments in all areas. Russia is using energy as a political weapon evidenced by cases in Ukraine and other countries, even Germany recently. A lot of people seem to love to extol the virtues of the ghouls of humanity but for some curious reason thye never move to where they advise is the ideal scene, lol!

   The most recent Biographers of the Soviet Empire place the State Ordered Deaths at 70 million. In China the estimates are over 40 million murdered. You  surely don't think I should admire the 2 million human skulls Pol Pot pile up for show and fear? Vietnam. Laos, Cambodia all are Communist now. Perhaps you and others failed to see Cuba so very active, and now the best friend of China who took over the Soviet Facilities 90 miles from Florida and pays Cuba the $300 million that Russia used to. It is Castro and China together who have produced The Shining Path Maoist Revaluntionarys that bombed many innocent people in Peru. Maybe you also forgot the Maoist Rebels in the Philippines that advance to create a separate Marxist Islamist State taken from Sovereign Philipino Land? Has no one noticed that in the last three years Marxist Socialist Leftist Governments have taken over Bolivia, Paraguay, Venezuela, Uraguay, Peru, Nicaragua. That there are still active hostile rebels in El Sal
vadore? Oh dear, we are so unfair to these sweet murderous ghouls! 

   Best regards,

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From: Cass Silva <> 

The KGB raises past fears in the Russians as does the CIA in America.

I was in Beijing back in 1979 and all the spies would congregate at the one Hotel, which I cannot for the life of me remember it's name. The Russians had one section, the Americans another, the French another, the Brits another. At the time it was the only place one could get a decent meal and a drink. 
Does anyone know how great the Chinese wine and beer is. Well it is. Apparently the Germans went there after the war and taught them. Those were the days when all came in from out of the cold to share stories!

Cass wrote:

In a message dated 9/5/2007 2:00:41 AM Central Daylight Time, writes:

I have always admired the Russians and those that I have met have been more 
interested in having a drink with you than in conquering you. 

The Russians, as people, are great fun to be around. I've never met one 
that I did not like and the Russian people certainly had no interest in 
conquering anyone. It was those nutcases in the Kremlin who wanted to get them 
killed for some point of ideology, sort of like Americans, who truly have no 
interest in being killed for Democracy, especially other countries' Democracy but 
we have these idiots in Washington...

Funny story about Russians.

A few years back I acquired a small Soviet army medal which, on its face, 
has the inscription that translates "Smolensk, city of Soviet Power." Somlensk 
was a major KGB center. Well, late one night after going to a club we 
frequent, my wife and I were in a restaurant north of Chicago and I had on a black 
shirt with the medal pinned to the pocket and a small sword pendant that I 
wear at that club, for some arcane reason we don't have to go into here.

At a far table were a group of young Russians. You could tell because they 
were speaking in their native tongue. Anyway, they went to pay their bill 
and passed by our table, took one look at my medal and pendant, thought KGB!!! 
and a couple of them literally gasped and they paid and were out of there so 
fast you would think Stalin's Ghost had come to give me the Order of Lenin 
with Tractor Clusters for winning the battle of snot production!

Chuck the Heretic

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