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Re: Theos-World One of Konstantin's Statements & Larger Issues

Sep 05, 2007 07:51 AM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 9/5/2007 2:00:41 AM Central Daylight Time, writes:

I have  always admired the Russians and those that I have met have been more  
interested in having a drink with you than in conquering you.  

The Russians, as people, are great fun to be around.  I've never met  one 
that I did not like and the Russian people certainly had no interest in  
conquering anyone.  It was those nutcases in the Kremlin who wanted to get  them 
killed for some point of ideology, sort of like Americans, who truly have  no 
interest in being killed for Democracy, especially other countries' Democracy  but 
we have these idiots in Washington...
Funny story about Russians.
A few years back I acquired a small Soviet army medal which, on its face,  
has the inscription that translates "Smolensk, city of Soviet Power."   Somlensk 
was a major KGB center.  Well, late one night after going to a  club we 
frequent, my wife and I were in a restaurant north of Chicago and I had  on a black 
shirt with the medal pinned to the pocket and a small sword pendant  that I 
wear at that club, for some arcane reason we don't have to go into  here.
At a far table were a group of young Russians.  You could tell because  they 
were speaking in their native tongue.  Anyway, they went to pay their  bill 
and passed by our table, took one look at my medal and pendant, thought  KGB!!! 
and a couple of them literally gasped and they paid and were out of there  so 
fast you would think Stalin's Ghost had come to give me the Order of Lenin  
with Tractor Clusters for winning the battle of snot production!
Chuck the Heretic

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