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Re: Theos-World Alice Bailey/Lucis Trust

Sep 03, 2007 11:37 PM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, "Scribe" wrote:

Dear Scribe,
I don't understand you.

> but I see through your obfuscation of my important question
> by your usual defence of Communism 

What do you mean under your "usual defence of Communism"?
Personally I don't defend communism and always vote for "Alliance of 
right-wing forces" since democracy was introduced in Russia, i.e. for 
more than 15 years.

> but now are equating my question as akin to the Christian
> fundamentalists.

I just referred to fundamentalists' opinion as the opinion of the 
third party which is not very friendly to communism.

> something called "the Lucis Trust." I catch the taint of subversion
> here; when did Lucis come into AAB's writings and turn the whole of
> her work into being a tool of the NWO?

Lucis Trust was founded by her in early 1920's when T.S. refused to 
publish her books. The christian fundamentalist sites assert that 
initially it was called "Lucifer Trust".

> I am rereading her books now and they--the early ones--are truly
> highly esoteric and Theosophic. Did a shift take place within her?
> was she taken over by another "Master"?

I agree that the later books are inferior to the earlier ones, and 
there was some shift to the worldly work (not to communism).
Yet "Treatise on 7 rays" is still in the earlier line, though it was 
written in the end of her life.

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