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Credibility of Alice A Bailey?

Sep 03, 2007 07:18 PM
by nhcareyta

Dear All

The following comments were written by the Mahatma KH in his notes on 
what A.O. Hume called a "Preliminary Chapter on God", referred to as 
Letter 88 of the Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett in the chronological 
edition edited by George Linton and Virginia Hanson:
"Our doctrine knows no compromises. It either affirms or denies, for 
it never teaches but that which it knows to be the truth. Therefore, 
we deny God both as philosophers and as Buddhists. We know there are 
planetary and other spiritual lives, and we know there is in our 
system no such thing as God, either personal or impersonal. Parabrahm 
is not a God, but absolute immutable law?" Mahatma K.H.

The following are quotes attributed by Alice A Bailey to 
the "Mahatma" Djual Khool, supposedly the Mahatma KH's Tibetan 
brother Adept:
"The Christ stands in patient silence, attentive to the effort that 
will make His work materialise on Earth and enable Him to consummate 
the effort He made 2000 years ago in Palestine." The Reappearance of 
the Christ

"Prepare men for the reappearance of the Christ. This is your first 
and greatest duty." The Externalisation of the Hierarchy

"Another unique factor which will distinguish His coming will be not 
only the general expectancy but also the fact that much is today 
known and taught about the Kingdom of God, or the Spiritual Hierarchy 
of the planet. Everywhere, in all countries, there are thousands who 
are interested in the fact of that Hierarchy, who believe in the 
Masters of the Wisdom, the disciples of the Christ, and who will not 
be surprised when this group of Sons of God, surrounding their great 
Leader, the Christ, makes its appearance on Earth." The Reappearance 
of the Christ

"Your spiritual goal is the establishing of the Kingdom of God. One 
of the first steps towards this is to prepare men's minds to accept 
the fact that the reappearance of the CHRIST is imminent?.You must 
tell them above all else that God is love, that the Hierarchy is 
love, and that Christ is coming because He loves humanity." The 
Externalisation of the Hierarchy

This from a putative Tibetan Buddhist Master? 

It seems blind, messianic fervour infected many at that time 
including Bishop Leadbeater, Dr Besant and Alice A Bailey. 

How far it appears they all strayed from the original impetus and 
teachings of Madame Blavatsky and her genuine teachers.


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