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Re: Theos-World "Did Leadbeater plagiarize the books of the Tibetan?"

Sep 03, 2007 06:12 PM
by M K Ramadoss

I recall reading somewhere, that much of the material published in the M&P,
was circulated to ES members long time before M&P was formally published.
May be someone who has info about this can throw more light on this. Such
info would be of much interest to some.


On 9/3/07, danielhcaldwell <> wrote:
> "Did Leadbeater plagiarize
> the books of the Tibetan?"
> The Tibetan writes (The Rays and the Initiations, pp. 250-251):
> -----------------------------------------------------
> There are certain phases of teaching and knowledge which I have given
> to the world which are relatively new - new to the modern esotericist
> and occult student though not new to disciples and initiates. It
> might be useful here if I mentioned one or two of these new aspects
> of the fundamental Truth which have been given by me to the public.
> If these new phases of the teaching have been later given to the
> public by other occult groups, it will have been because the
> information was gained by those who have read the books put out by
> A.A.B. for me or who are directly and consciously in touch with my
> Ashram.
> An instance of this is that book by C. W. Leadbeater on "The Masters
> and the Path" which was published later than my book, Initiation,
> Human and Solar. If the dates of any given teaching are compared with
> that given by me, it will appear to be of a later date than mine. I
> say this with no possible interest in any controversy among occult
> groups or the interested public, but as a simple statement of fact
> and as a protection to this particular work of the Hierarchy. I would
> remind you that the instructions given by me as, for instance, those
> in A Treatise on White Magic and A Treatise on the Seven Rays were
> given sequentially over a period of years, antedating the publishing
> of the books. The same time-factor prevailed in the publishing of the
> earlier books. All my books were written over a long period of years,
> prior to publishing. All that appears of the same type of information
> over other signatures harks back to these books. Even if denied by
> their writers, a comparison of the dates of publishing with the
> original dates of issuing the instructions (in the form of monthly
> sets for reading and study in the Arcane School) or with the books
> published before the formation in 1925 of the Disciples [251] Degree
> of the Arcane School will prove this conclusively. Bear in mind this
> factor of timing. A.A.B. takes down to my dictation an average of
> seven to twelve pages of typing (single-spaced) each time she writes
> for me; but owing to the exigencies of my work I cannot dictate to
> her every day, though I have found that she would gladly take my
> dictation daily if I so desired; weeks sometimes elapse between one
> dictation and another. I write the above paragraphs for the
> protection of the hierarchical work in years to come and not for the
> protection of A.A.B. or myself...
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> Now COMPARE AND CONTRAST the above with what Jerry Hejka-Ekins has
> written:
> ==============================================================
> "From my earlier perusal of AAB's writings, I found that many of her
> teachings were drawn directly from Besant and Leadbeater's E.S.
> writings, which to this day, are not publicly available...."
> "...The Maitreya teaching was originally tied to Krishnamurti, the
> supposed vehicle for the Maitreya/Christ return. Besant, in an ES
> talk in 1909 or 10, presented the earliest (that I'm aware of) full
> description of what later became credited as the Bailey hierarchy?
> Maitreya and all. This was published in The Link (a London ES
> journal) and in the American EST Bulletin in 1910, I think, but no
> later than this. Also in January 1912, CWL and AB were called by the
> Maitreya to prepare Krishnamurti and Jinarajadasa for their second
> initiation. The boys were taken to Taormina in Sicily for the
> training. Much of the material in Masters and the Path comes from
> these early events. The account of this 1912 initiation begins on pg.
> 298 in my 2nd edition (1927)."
> "According to her Autobiography, (If my memory serves me correctly)
> Bailey's first contact with Theosophy was through the Pacific Grove
> Lodge around 1912. She moved to Krotona Hollywood a year or two
> thereafter where she joined the ES, and gained access to the material
> concerning the inner government and initiations, which was only
> circulated through the ES at that time. However, you will find hints
> of it in the Theosophist. Bailey states in her Autobiography that she
> began taking psychic dictation from "the Tibetan" around 1917 or 18
> and left Krotona shortly afterwards (I'm recalling from her
> Autobiography that I read years ago, so my memory may not exactly
> match her dates, but they should be close). Initiation Human and
> Solar was published in 1922 ? her first book ? I think. I read it
> some years ago, and found it very faithful to the ES teachings [of
> Leadbeater/Besant] as they were presented from 1910-1918."
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> Collated from two of Jerry's postings which can be found at:
> Daniel

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