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Re: Theos-World Alice Bailey/Lucis Trust

Sep 03, 2007 01:19 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, "Scribe" <scribe@...> wrote:

> Trust' part has always bothered me because AAB's later books seemed 
> to be too much enamored of the United Nations and the New World 
> Order. I consider those organizations to be, while high-sounding, 
> nevertheless mere fronts for global totalitarianism, or 
> Socialism/Communism. That does not seem to me to be the goal of 
> esotericism or Theosophy. So I have often wondered at the 
> dichotomy, or have I missed something?

Of course you have missed. Bailey in one of her books condemns 
communist regime of USSR and predicts its end. Though she regarded 
German nazism and Jewish zionizm more dangerous, as nation and 
separation-oriented, while the communist evil she branded as a 
Her "new world order" is rather akin to that globalization which now 
antiglobalists fight against than with communism.
You may read much critics on Christian fundamentalist sites where 
Bailey and newage movement are identified with new liberal world 

By the way, Lucis Trust is not so rich organization as some think.
They have not enough money even to preserve their library and prevent 
paper decay by gas processing.

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