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Re: Odd times for the Odd Fellows --

Sep 01, 2007 11:18 AM
by raquel_rpj

Well, thinking slowly about it, I just can give my opinion, based on 
my limited personal expirience.
I first heard the name of Babatsky, at the age of 24, before no idea 
at all of her existence, not even to reject her. The jears I lived 
in Holland, you can see as you walk on the street theophical book 
stores with her books on the window. I have never seen such a think 
here in Spain. I know there are a few, but if you google the word 
Teosofia, you will have lots of confusing information, and 
theosophical pages, end leading you to american lodges. So in this 
country as far as I know, the doctrine it´s almost unknown.
A woman that in her dead had been as much telegrafied in betwing two 
continents, as a king or an emperor, must have been a remarkeble 
person, says it´s biografy. 
And maybe the most important is not to wander about numbers, but 
activity. I mean when she was alive, she influenced also really 
remarkeble people, like Gandhi, Einstein, Modrian. You talk their 
names anywhere and they are known, but most people has forgotten 
about her influence and seems not to be important anymore.
And what is the way Theosophy is influencing, art, cience, and 
politic worldly, nowadays?. If there is, I have not idea of it.
Yes, maybe you are rigth, and some action shoul be taken. 



--- In, "M K Ramadoss" <mkr777@...> wrote:
> There is a very interesting articles in newsmedia with the above 
> The article notes about the dwindling and aging membership. Members
> are dying by the thousands, local lodges are closing by the dozens,
> and the actual participation among the 290,000 members is dropping.
> ... if members are not replenished, they will be Odd Men and Women 
> -- defunct, extinct and done.
> This newsreport, made me think of what is going on with the 
> movement. The formal numbers as % of world population is 
shrinking. It would
> be very interesting if we can find out the age distribution and
> replenishment
> rate and that could indicate the trend and that should give us some
> ideas what can be tried. Without such basic information, just 
> about Brotherhood and Occultism and all the good things is not 
> to help the movement.
> Any ideas??????
> mkr
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